Thursday, October 6, 2011

Traveling Thursday: Tunisia!

Hello everyone!

After working two night shifts of a row, celebrating a friend's b-day (with Red Velvet cupcakes again), I'm now back to somewhat regular scheduled blogging, which can get iffy soon, as I'm leaving for India next week! I JUST CAN'T WAIT!

So, today I'm sharing with you the photos of my first international trip on this week's Traveling Thursday, our "end of uni" trip to Tunisia in 2001! Before this, I knew I wanted to travel loads and visit many places, but this trip confirmed that I'd have a blast doing so! This was the first time I needed a passport, so I got my passport when I was 20, and have been collecting stamps on it since!

The Star Wars geek in me was super happy when we visited some locations used in the movies during our trip, and my classmates really did a bit of head shaking on my geekiness!

The Matmata caves, better known as the Lars Homestead!

My first ride on a dromedary! (Also I learnt the difference between a camel (two humps) and a dromedary (just one)

One would expect the desert to be hot, even in Feb, right? Well, not so much!

We visited an oasis, and had a great time exploring around!

We also visited one of the best preserved Roman's colliseums in Jem!


  1. Awesome. I want to go to Tunisa one day. It looks so cool. I love the oasis.

  2. These photos are simply amazing. I am jealous. That is all. :)

  3. i love that you are such a star wars geek that you visited the lars homestead. =)


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