Friday, October 7, 2011

Shopping Handmade: Pilu's birthday, or how to buy handmade for a nurse!

Hey there! Today is Friday, and I've decided to bring back an old feature of mine, called Shopping Handmade, where I show off what handmade goodies I've bought as gifts for people, and how much they love them!

For today is the early gifts for Pilu's b-day, since I'm actually leaving for India on her b-day, and I have the days after today quite super busy! So after working night shift, I've met up with her and Esther, and I've ended up feeling like a hobbit! Wonder why?, not size related!, but I had breakfast (with Esther) and then I had second breakfast! (with Pilu). Somehow I managed to miss Elevensies there tho...

Let's start with the showing off!

As Pilu is in love with Zombie Pirate, I knew I had to get her a RockyTheZombie tee, and the new "Pirates in a Boat" print was too awesome to pass up, so I got her that one, and she is completely in love!!

Next, Pilu finally got her mini-Pilu from Camamiel, and now she's the proud owner of a nurse doll, wonderfully crafted, that looks like her, and even has a mini-Indy!!

Both mini-Pilu and mini-Indy are too cute for words! And Pilu is now super happy cause she finally has her Camamiel alter-go! Working with Ana from Camamiel is always a joy, and even more when I know her creations are gonna be loved and cherished, like all the nurse dolls I've gifted so far have been!

Ana was so nice to even send me a postcard of a photo of mini-Pilu & mini-Indy as a happy b-day card for Pilu, and she loved it!!

And last, but clearly not least, Catalepsia, a nurse paper doll, also from Camamiel! Pilu was trying to decide if she's gonna get her to decorate her car, her locker at work, or her reading room at home!

Now, it's time for me to take a lil nap, and then decide what bag to take as my carry-on luggage this time! Have a great Friday!


  1. those are some awesome handmade gifts!!!

  2. ana did another amazing job on that doll! and how can you go wrong with giving that AND rocky the zombie wear???!?! you are the bestest friend ever!!! <3

  3. she looks like a delighted birthday girl! what lovely gifts!

  4. So cute! You are such a good friend...I love these gifts!

  5. You are so thoughtful and creative! Pilu is very lucky! Have a nice trip to India.

  6. I´m very happy to know that Pilu loved everything. The zombie pirate stuff is great. But of course you are the best gift ever!

  7. Wow! Your friends must feel so special on their birthdays with you. :) What sweet gifts, the nurse doll and paper doll are just fantastic!


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