Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: CollisionWare!!

Aaaand here's Wednesday! I'm still trying to recover from both the sugar high after the Red Velvet cupcakes I baked on Monday, and this past night shift...

Wearing Handmade Wednesday this week was also inspired by my Monday baking, sugar highs sometimes mean productivity! ;)

Wearing my Collisionware sushi apron to bake Red Velvet cupcakes!

This is not the first time I've featured Collisionware in the blog, cause I've got me a pair of her pot holders & oven mitts sets for myself (actually, 3 sets) and I've also got a pair of sets as gifts for friends. After getting my latest set, made of the sushi fabric I'm so totally obsessed with as of late, I thought I had plenty of wares for the kitchen, but when I saw an apron made with said sushi fabric... I just new I needed it! And so did Angie, the lady behind Collisionware, cause she wasn't the least surprised when it was me who bought the sushi apron!

Angie has many other oven mitts and pot holders, some character oven mitts and plenty of cute aprons (along with her wallets), and she's also offering skillet mitts, and the sushi one of those will be my next purchase from her shop for sure! Still undecided if I'll go to her Etsy shop or to her shiny new website!


  1. that apron totally suits you! red velvet cupcake sugar high -- sounds fun!

  2. I need to try those cup cakes!! Yum! and red is my favorite color too :)

    I'm thinkin' I need an apron... I get so messy when I cook.

  3. I remember the mitt/pot holder sets! Super cute gifts- and I LOVE the color of this apron!

  4. Hey Pili!
    You look so cute :D until several years ago, I never thought aprons are useful but now I cannot live without it in the kitchen. Such a cute apron!

  5. you have a sushi apron too! that's awesome!!! =)


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