Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Feature: BrookiEllen!!

Hey there everyone!

It's Friday now! And even though I work today and tomorrow, after that I'm gonna be enjoying a few good days off to celebrate my b-day (that'll be next Wednesday!).

For today's Friday Feature I wanna introduce you to BrookiEllen, a very very talented lady, that doesn't limit herself, since she has diaper covers for babies, sandwich and snack baggies and lunch totes in her Etsy shop, and all in the cutest and coolest fabrics ever!

I got myself a super cute lunch tote from her shop, but I have to confess it was mostly cause of the fabric it was made of! And maybe you have guessed what fabric it was? Yep, sushi fabric!

It isn't too big or bulky, which is good, I don't want it to take too much space, and since it has a handle it can be toted around on its own, or be packed inside a bigger bag. And did I mention I love the fabric?

I don't take lunch or breakfast with me to work, cause most days I barely have time to have my coffee while getting filled up on my patients during shift change, to even have time for a snack (that's where my Tokyotombola fruit cozies come in). But for night shift, it's 10 hours, so even if it's at 3 am, I do have time (and need) for some form of a meal (late second dinner? early heavy breakfast?), so this lunch bag will keep my food safe and cozy!


  1. What an adorable lunch sac. I do Love the fabric too.

  2. that's so cute! and healthy too -- you can control what snacks you eat when they are handy when you need 'em! :)

  3. that fabric is just tooooooooo cute! it's blue and sushi - how can you go wrong?!


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