Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Munchies: Alma's Red Velvet Cupcakes!!

Hey, hi, hello everyone! Today might be Monday, but since it's my day off, and I'm in a bit of a sugar high... it's a pretty good day for me! ;)

For Monday Munchies this week I'm sharing a recipe from Objetivo: Cupcake Perfecto, the blog of my cupcake inspiration and future teacher in a workshop, Alma from Alma's Cupcakes!

Here's her recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes, and for those who can't figure out the Spanish via Google translate, here's the one you can find in Joy Of Baking, that is essentially the same. For me it's just that Alma gives you some tricks to adapt things to the Spanish way (how to sub for the buttermilk) and she makes it sound simple (and delicious) enough to make you want to try it!

And now, to show off some pics of the process!:

Here the batter looked that I had overdone the red food colouring...

Alma's recipe was for 8 big cupcakes, but I got 11 regular sized ones!

Cream cheese icing: sinfully delicious!!

Once they were done I ate two cupcakes on a row... and that's a first!

Six of them all ready to be taken to work tomorrow!

My icing abilities still need a lot of work, but with the Wilton 1M tip from Alma's kit from For The Cakes and Alma's tutorials, I'm getting better! I do need that November workshop, but I won't be such a lost case for Alma then!

These have become my favourite cupcakes, no contest! The icing is delicious (after eating what was left in the pastry bag, I decided I needed to wash the bowl before I ended up licking it clean!) and the cupcakes themselves are really fluffy and just plain yum!


  1. I am on a diet and will not make cupcakes. I am on a diet and will not make cupcakes...

    They look SO yummy. And I love red velvet cake!

  2. Oh, wow, those look fantastic! Mmmm. Too bad I live so far away, or I'd be popping around to beg for one!

  3. *que Homer Simpson drool face* Mmmm....cupcake.

  4. They look so nice...I'll have to make some for myself. I adore baking cupcakes!

  5. i will try this recipe. sadly i'm not a big fan of red velvet cupcake as a whole because they tend to be very dry. but since you ate two in a row i will make an effort to try this recipe! =)


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