Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping Handmade: Náyade's birthday!

Happy Friday everyone!

Even if I have to work Saturday night shift, I'm feeling like I'm getting half a weekend off, even if I'm debating whether to take a nap or have a nice coffee! Maybe both?

Yesterday I met up with my friends from uni, since Náyade (the one living in Italy) was visiting and it had been her b-day on the 22nd, so we had to celebrate her b-day!

We met up over drinks and tapas, basking in the nice February sun, and enjoying having a lost spring day to enjoy in the outside tables of the pub we were at! As usual, we chatted, we laughed and we had a brilliant time! And of course, I took loads of pics!

All my present for Náyade were handmade, and she loved them all! First of all, since both Pilu and Náyade liked the lil nurse I got for Esther, I asked Camamiel's Ana to create a lovely adorable custom nurse for Náyade too, and as always, Ana created the perfect doll! Náyade loved her, and now Pilu is asking for a doll, too! She'll just have to wait for her b-day in October, though ;)

I also put together a lil care baggie for Náyade with a Green Tea soap from Sweet Petula, the awesome happy feet Peppermint cream from Right As Rain Creations and a sample size body lotion from Body Language Soaps! And you only have to read Náyade's body language to see she was happy with the gifts! ;)

Last but not least, a birthday is not a proper birthday without a birthday card! And my handmade route always goes through On Cupcake Moon, since Deb was so awesome as to make me b-day cards in Spanish, and to add the final touch, a lil stamping done with my cupcake stamp from Skull And CrossBuns!

I leave you with a toast to friendship and sunny days! Esther says: Have a tinto de verano with us! ;)


  1. you are such an awesome friend for being so thoughtful! Love the gifts. The doll is adorable! Happy belated bday to your friend =)

  2. The little nurse doll looks just like her!!! Too cute. It's awesome that you share handmade love with all your friends.

  3. Nayadé's face says it all! Glad you all had such a fun handmade celebration! :)

    I love that all your nurse friends are getting little nurse dolls -- they are so cute and such a sweet gift! Cheers!

  4. I would be grinning like Náyade if I got such an awesome birthday gift, what a good friend you are! I love the custom nurse doll, its crazy cool!

  5. what lovely gifts, hope she had a lovely b'day!

  6. You are such a good friend. It was great to see beautiful Nayade´s reaction. Thanks Pili. All the gifts were awesome! xoxo

  7. i sincerely covet that doll ana made for her! and thank you for sharing one of my cards with her! <3


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