Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Glamasaurus!!

Today, for my Wearing Handmade Wednesday you might think I'm cheating, but I just had to think quick and I really didn't feel like taking a pic of myself today, stupid cold!

Our family picture "wearing" its new Glamasaurus frame!

I'm showing off (sideways, I know) my new and amazing frame from Glamasaurus! I needed a cute frame to show off the first complete family picture, including Gaurav, and this one was absolutely perfect!

I've already blogged about Andreanna's shop, first when I won her giveaway and then again when I got some more awesomeness from her shop, but I just couldn't help it and needed to show off my new frame! Btw, did you see my Jack Skellington frame? No? Lookie and turn green with envy! ;)


  1. Both of those frames are awesome! I am definitely jealous of the Jack frame :)

  2. I am so glad you love your new frame and the Jack one well I knew you would love it!

  3. Hi Pili,
    The frame is so cute. It's like a cupcake. What wonderful photo you have put in it as well!

  4. omg, are those cute!!!! i am going to have to get me one from andreanna as well. as much as i love the Jack one, the chocolate one is calling my name... ;)

  5. they are both so cute! two of my favorite things- skulls, and sweets :)

    looks like i need to take a gander over at glamasaurus....

  6. those are adorable! stay warm my friend! :)

  7. The happiness of the frame perfectly matches the photo it holds. :-)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. That first frame is so adorable!
    Looks so good you could eat it :)



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