Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday Shots: Weeks 49, 50 & 51, Monday Edition!

Hey there!

It's Monday and in a not-so-unusual-to-us move, here are a few shots of the weekly sort, all rolled into one! This week is also the LAST week of our 52 weeks challenge, so I'm hoping we'll manage to have our last shots ready for Sunday!

So, without more ado, here they go!

Week 49:

G's first week at work inspired his shot.

Mine was an attempt to show off my new shorter hair (and my new Label of Hope top!).

Week 50:

An awesome shot of G's eyes

My graduation from nursing school photo, almost 9 years ago!

Week 51:

G showing off his RockerByeBaby blankie

My lemon muffins all ready to go into the oven!

Hopefully I'll be getting a new tripod sometime this week, so it'll improve some of my shots and I'll have more blog entries lined up afterwards!

Oh, and btw, the first half of my giveaway prize has arrived! More hints to come! ;)


  1. OOOOOh PiliPie those muffins look yummy!!! I luffs your hair too ^_^ It makes you look younger than your graduation photo =)

  2. i second the muffin comment!!! i love the rockerbyebaby blanket photo and i especially love how you took the photo of you and your grad pic. you have also piqued my curiousity on the giveaway!!!

  3. I love all of them and I third the muffin comment...YUM! Your hair looks great and I especially love the photo of you with the grad pic. Very nice!

  4. Great photos! You haven't changed a bit in 9 years - well, except for the short hair! I like the new hair cut - wish I had curly hair too.

  5. awwwe you look so pretty in that Hope Top!
    G has nice eyes too!

  6. Hi Pili!
    Oh, I love your new short hair. So cute.
    Hehe, loving your graduation photo. Funnily enough I also found a photo of myself when I was 12 graduating from a junior school. Will post it soon :D
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend :D

  7. Omg those eyes are HUGE! You have large eyes too.. Now I'm wondering, does everyone in Spain has eyes that big and pretty?

    This must be a compliment; you sure look the same as 9 years back especially now that your hair is shorter! Cool photos. ;)

    Have a funfilled week~

  8. I loooooove the blanket pic!!!


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