Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lens cozies by MsChrista!!

Saturday is here!

Though for me, it doesn't mean days off or anything... I'm actually looking forward to Monday & Tuesday, since that'll be my weekend. Yes, nurses do have weird schedules.

I was hoping to sleep in this morning, since I have worked morning shift the last pair of days and today I work 3 to 10 pm, but my neighbors decided not to agree with me, so after vegetating a bit on the sofa and roaming around the net, I've decided to do something productive, and write a blog entry!

My regular readers may remember a blog entry I wrote not too long ago, about a great lens cozy that MsChrista made for me, but that Mr G inherited for his old lens because of my poor measuring skills.

Well, shortly after writing it, I asked Christa to finally make my lenses a pair of lens cozies, and this time I was VERY careful with the measurements, which means that this time, the cozies DO fit my lenses perfectly!

I got a cozy for my 14-42mm kit lens and one for my 50mm macro lens, and of all the fabrics Christa has, I chose one rocking fabric!

So now, my lenses not only can be protected when left outside the bag, but also look as cool as can be!

In these photos you can see the macro lens inside its cozy, and the cozy for my kit lens, cause that's the lens I was using to take the shots!

I'm already planning another pouch for my 40-150mm lens that G kept with him to play around, and of course, any other lens that I may get in the future!

And if you want one (or two, or a dozen!) go and ask Christa on Etsy, she's planning to set up a custom listing for lens cozies, but in the meantime, I'm sure she'll love to work on a custom for anyone, just make sure you measure your lens carefully!


  1. i positively love the fabric you picked for these customs! too cute!

  2. Thank you so much for the review. You are so awesome! I need to get off my butt and make that listing.

  3. LOVE the fabric!! Green would be my choice too :)


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