Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year 2009!

It's been a while since I last blogged, but with the whole Christmas, family meetings, and work, and last minute shopping... I really haven't had the energy or motivation to blog, but since today I've got some really cute pictures from the bf I can use for a blog entry, here I am!

Gaurav's sister Deeksha had her first baby, a boy called Rudra, in October. I wanted to get them something for the baby, but I really wasn't sure of what to get. I had already got Deeksha a Dolly diaper bag for her baby shower, but this time I wanted something more for the baby! I went browsing on Etsy (where else?) and found many great shops, but one left me a bit more impressed than the rest, mainly because it wasn't filled with the same cutesie fabrics than all the rest, but had some amazing rocking fabrics, with skullies, guitars and pirates! Also, the owner of the shop happened to be a member of DIYScene, the forums I frequent, so I also knew about her and her great products from there, so I marked RockerByeBaby as the shop to watch!

I showed it to the bf, and he agreed it was filled with unusual fabrics, and all the blankets, bib & burpie sets, crib sets, they even have travel neck support pillows! I only have the bf nephew and niece to buy for, but that's my shop for all baby goodies to buy!

I finally ended up getting a bib & burpie set with a really really cute Panda Japanese fabric, with Terry cloth for the backing. When they arrived home I was so impressed, so well made, so soft and so cute!! It came cutely wrapped and in a tiny lil baggie, with a really cute Hello Kitty doll I was terribly tempted to keep! Next time I buy something from her, I will fully take advantage of filling the priority mail envelope to the brim! I shipped it inmediately, and it arrived pretty soon, I sent it on the 23rd and it arrived on the 27th! From Spain to bloody India! Sometimes the Post Service truly impresses me...

As soon it arrived over there, Gaurav gave it to his sister and bro-in-law, and they both loved it! And Rudra looks so cute with it! Here you can see a pic of Rudra with his new bib and one of Gaurav (the human pacifier) with the lil boy sleeping like an angel!

In short, if you want to buy some amazing handmade and unusual goodies for babies, RockerByeBaby is a shop NOT to be missed!

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  1. aweeeeeeeee.... thanks! Check out that little peanut!!! Thanks so much for the blog entry!


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