Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dolly Bags & Lucky Kaeru Fabrics!

This is a very enthusiastic blog, about part of my Christmas presents this year!

Anyone that has read my blog knows I'm a HUGE fan of Beth and her Dolly Bags (on, and I've always loved getting custom bags from her, but I had always used the many cute fabrics she offers in her shop. But this time I was thinking of getting some of new bags in other fabrics, that way those bags would be even more unique!

The idea really started after getting a custom obi belt & headband from LoobyLou Crafts (also on Etsy) in this gorgeous green with gold butterflies fabric. I thought that a matching bag for both in the same fabric would be absolutely perfect, so I started searching online and found the fabric and got it sent directly to Beth.

That made me decide I wanted more bags in custom fabrics, so I decided to do a search on Etsy for fabric shops, mainly looking for oriental fabrics (since I love oriental prints) and came across Lucky Kaeru Fabric shop! I started browsing the shop and found so many amazing fabrics! It took me a while to limit myself to just three fabrics, a lime green sushi one, a black chinese take out one, and a blue birds & hills one. I asked Tiffany, the shop's owner, if she wouldn't mind shipping to a different addres than mine, and was so nice and helpful and even added a lil note on the package to let Beth know the bags where for my custom order!

Once Beth got all the fabrics we started talking about which fabric would be perfect for each bag, and what lil modifications would go better for each, and which lining would go better with each... quite a fun process, cause Beth is always so accomodating and always have amazing suggestions!

I got the box a lil before Christmas itself, and a lil before the Spain day of gift giving, Jan 6th. Beth even included the cutest lil note telling me not to open the package till Jan 6th!

So, once Jan 6th arrived, aside from all my other presents, I got to finally open the box and finally see all my bags!! Wow, what an amazing collection of amazing bags!!

First of all, you can see my custom Luxury Suite II in the gorgeous green butterfly fabric, with some rhinestoned details and vinyl contrasting!:

Next, the first of the bags made with Lucky Kaeru fabrics, the Chinese Take Out Bowling bag, which has become one of my absolute favourites, not only for the great size, not too big but more than enough roomy, AND the amazing side pockets!:

A gorgeous custom Sammy bag, with a shorter strap, so instead of a messenger bag, it's a shoulder bag, with the uber cute Green Lime Sushi fabric:

Another custom bag, made with the Blue Birds & Hills fabric, from her Dollywood collection, the Billy Bag!:

And, to top it all, another two lovely bags (using some really cute fabrics that are available at Dolly's website), the Vixen bag in the Turquoise Truffles (too sweet!!) and the Charlotte Bag in the Skullie Scribbles (it's such a rocking bag! Every girl needs a Charlotte bag!):

What a fantastic, fantastic package, and to top it all, I got a lil gift from Beth, in the shape of a weekend bag in the Pink Damask fabric with a matching mini bag! Soooooo pink & cute!! Thank you so much Beth!!

With so many bags, I should be more than satisfied for the year, right? Well, I have found a few other fabrics I'd love to use to get some more Dolly bags, I know, I know, I truly am ADDICTED!


  1. WOW! You like won the bag lottery! Those are awesome!

  2. Gosh may posts I did not realise!
    I am soooo amazed about the bags. Really cannot believe that they are all handmade. Custom orders are so much fun. You have also chosen some lovely fabrics too (I love the chinese take away). What is the Spanish gift giving day on 6th Jan? Is it like Christmas? I am so interested.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend (BTW your item is on your way!)

  3. Yup! I absolutely LOVE her bags!

    And Kyoko, according to the Catholic tradition Jan 6th is the Epiphany, the day the 3 Magi gave the gold, inciense and mhyrr to baby Jesus. That's why in Spain presents are given that day instead of Christmas Day...

    And I love getting custom bags, and bags in general... so much I've set a limit of bags I can get a year, cause I love bags!! I intend to get one of your bags this year, once you restock the bags shop.

  4. Um, yeah. I MAKE bags...and now I am in love. Plus, she has Sabina Kelly as a model?!?!?! Um, wow. Those bags are amazing. Jealousy has set in....


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