Friday, January 2, 2009

Cotton & Cloud!

Having some time off this days, for New Years, I'm now catching up on my blogging!

I found Kyoko's shop: Cotton & Cloud by pure chance on Etsy, actually while using pounce! I found her lovely shop for her handmade bags, where she had the link for her handmade knitted goodness!! Mainly gloves and custom made baby jackets, and she also offers PDF knitting patterns!

After watching her bags shop for a while, and hearting and wishing I could buy something, I took a chance with one of her sales, and got me two nice bags! A dice pouch and a pencil zipper pouch, both so well made and with lovely fabrics! I use the dice pouch to keep my lil collection of tea bags, as you can see here!

Once the cold weather arrived I started eyeing her knitted goods and thinking I really wanted a pair of her fingerless gloves, since I always get cold hands in winter, but can't drive with gloves. I got myself a pair of gray & white fingerless gloves, which not only arrive in no time from the UK, but also are as great as I expected and more! They're really soft and warm, and I don't loose grip with the steering wheel! I liked them so much that I decided to get another pair in dark mocca and light cappuccino (that happen to match colours with my most used for everyday coat, I'm keeping the gray ones to match a gray coat by Vivifromage and a black pea coat by Crossbones Couture). I absolutely love both pairs of gloves!

I even decided to get a pair of fingerless reversible gloves for one of my friends for her b-day, and she's absolutely impressed with them, and love them! She said that it was the most original and creative and different gift she had been given in the past years! I'm now waiting for Kyoko to list more gloves in her shop to get another pair for another friend whose birthday is in February, cause she now wants a pair too!

And I'm just waiting for Kyoko to finish a custom jacket for Gaurav's niece, Anya, for her b-day in March, and I can't wait to get the lovely knitted jacket and send it to her, and see how lovely and cozy she will look on it! I'll probably be writing a blog entry once I get pics from Anya with her warm jacket!

Both her shops are amazing and filled with great products, and her customer service matches her knitting skills! Also, if you wanna say hello to her, here's her blog!


  1. A very happy New Year to you! It is so sweet of you to write about my creations. I am so happy to hear that you enjoy the gloves and pouches :D
    Had you had a busy year end? I hope so. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Those gloves are cute! Did you ever try the tea from Teaman on Etsy? I love my sampler :) Ok, gotta go finish a Maiden top I'm working on ;)

  3. Kyoko: I'm absolutely in love indeed! And they make great presents too!

    Nicole: YAY! I can't wait to see the Maiden tops! And nope, I haven't tried the teas, but I think I'm gonna check them again now! Thanks for reminding me!


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