Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jenjoy Designs - Homegrown Clothing

Yep, I'm on a roll! Apparently having a few days off have worked wonders with my blog-writing motivation, and I've decided to write at least another two blog entries, to compensate for those two I didn't write the past week.

I came across Jen, owner and designer of Jenjoy Desings, in myspace, and fell in love with the original, yummy and cute clothing she offered! At first she only sold through eBay and myspace, and she then got her own website: Jenjoy Designs, where you can find not only OOAK clothing, but also some designs in limited edition custom sizes, usually, just one of each size offered. And she even offers FREE shipping worldwide!

Jen has two jobs: designer and creator of DIY & OOAK clothes and mother of two lovely girls, talk about a modern woman!

The first time I came across her clothes, I thought them a bit expensive, but loved them, so decided that the moment I could allow myself some extra money to spend, I'd try and buy something. And when I got my first Jenjoy hoodie/top, I was completely in love! The quality of her designing, sewing and finish is STUNNING! Every one of the pieces I've bought from her have been exceedingly good, and the quality of the clothing a total joy to the eyes... After buying DIY for a while, one learns to spot the good quality and to certainly appreciate it! Now, everytime one of my clothing purchases arrives home, I tend to inspect the stitches and the general construction of the garment, and her clothes (amongst many others, don't worry, all will be featured here in this blog!) are always up to the test!

I've bought a few of her dresses and tops, and after seeing how well made they are, the time and quality that is into them, I wouldn't say they are expensive. Handmade & DIY clothing (as well as bags, accesories and the like) as long as they have good quality, are bound to be more expensive than your regular Bershka top (for the US, think Hot Topic) but they're also made with love and are as unique as they can get! For me, money spent in good DIY is money well spent!

I own a good number of her pieces, but I don't have as many pics in them as I'd like to show you, but from these two I guess you can tell how cute and well made they are!

Till next time!


  1. Her stuff is so cute on you!

  2. Thank you Mara!

    Btw, I added a pic on Etsy as appreciation pic for you! ;)


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