Wednesday, January 14, 2009

EyeScream Industries!

Whenever I check my days off and the like in my schedule at work, I always make loads of plans about the time I'll have off to dedicate to my blog, with taking pictures and actually typing the blog entries... but I always end up thinking I'll do more than I actually do, yesterday was my day off, but I didn't manage to write the blog entry, so now, on my self-imposed schedule, I'm running on a delay... and since I'm getting a few things coming, and I'm not getting days off till next week, it might mean a bigger delay that I'd want for my blog-writting... oh well!

This blog entry is dedicated to the lovely Nicole from EyeScream Industries Clothing & Accesories, and the quite amazing Iron Maiden reconstructed top I've got from her!

I met Nicole through DIYScene, the forum about DIY & Handmade I frequent so much, even if I'm not a crafter, and just a lover of all things DIY & Etsy addict (yes, I have to admit it, I'm addicted to Etsy!).

I had loads of good references from other crafters and sellers, so I knew her clothing was really good quality! So, as she mentioned she wanted to reconstruct some Maiden tees, I instantly suggested she'd do one in a medium size (*wink, wink*), and kept my eyes peeled for when she posted it in the forums for all to see. As soon as I saw it I knew it had my name all over it, so went straight to Etsy and bought it!

It's an amazing original Powerslave Maiden t-shirt, with really warm 3/4 sleeves and a cowl neck with a zipper! Probably my favourite part of the top are the faux fur cuffs, so soft and really give the top the umph! to totally rock! I looked great on Nicole's cute self, and it does fit like a glove for me! Here you can see the back of the tee, with the amazing artwork, and a pair of pics of me sporting my shiny new Maiden tee!

Nicole, I really can't wait for you to make more Maiden recons! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled! ;-)


  1. Nicole's clothes really rock my socks. I love her to pieces!!!

  2. I really can't help but laugh.

    "And here is Pili, with her Eyescream Maiden top, and the movie Wall-E!"

    I have no clue why that is dunny to me, but it is. And I have some Eyescream items, and I love them, too. VERY rad things from that girl Nicole, lemme tell you!!!

  3. *bows* Thank you so much Pili!!! I am very happy you like your top, you look awesome in it!!!! :)

  4. Pili,
    That Iron Maiden recon looks awesome on you! I love Nicole's work...I've been drooling over that black widow shirt in her shop FOREVER...but it's not my size which always makes me sad, cuz I REALLY want it!

  5. Thanks a lot girls!
    And we all know Nicole is RAD!

  6. I have an Eyescream top, and I LOVE it. She is a master.


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