Thursday, January 29, 2009

Laptop Skins by Lily Pang Art & Design!

My second blog entry of the day!

I felt like I really needed to catch up a bit with my planned blog entries, and since this one only needed to take a few pictures (and actually applying the laptop skin to the laptop), after lunch and a nice manderine & mango tea, I got to working on it!

I found Lily Pang Art & Design shop during one of those iddle times when I decided to search Etsy around, and started playing with the Pounce feature. One of her laptop skins appeared, the artwork inmediately catched my eye, and I went to check her shop! She doesn't only offer great laptop skins using her own original artwork, but also prints of said artwork.

I started looking around her shop, checking all the different designs available for laptop skins (as well as for prints), also reading her shop policies, profile and even her blog! That's my usual standard procedure once I get my eye on a shop, gather all the possible information, so I can make an informed purchase. I also checked what laptop skin sizes she offered, and checked my own lappy measurements. Since my lappy had different measurements that the one she offered, I decided to convo her on Etsy, asking which of her sizes would be better for my laptop, or if she offered custom sizes. She answered really promptly, telling me she'd make them in the custom size for my lappy without any changes in price, so I could go ahead and buy the skins I like directly from her Etsy shop.

One of the things that puzzles me the most, anytime I buy online, is the differences in how long it takes for something to arrive... Something shipped from the US, can take from a week to a month to appear here (customs? lazy PO workers?) and these lappy skins sent all the way from Singapore arrived in 6 days (including weekend). Lily made sure they'll arrive in perfect condition with some sort of tough and stiff plastic sheet, that ensured the envelope wasn't bent at all!

The laptop skins have absolutely vibrant colours, and look even better in person! Lily sent me a convo with the proper instructions to ensure your lappy skin is correctly placed, and will look great!

I first tried both skins on my lappy, without actually sticking them, to see which one I liked the most to try first, and I decided to go for the Pink Owl (everything pink is so typically me...).
Then came the part of re-reading the instructions again, picking up the damp cloth and a book to apply pressure to avoid air bubbles, and proceed to stick a Pink Owl to my laptop! The final result ain't too shabby, if I can say so myself, even if I have a pair of tiny air bubbles in there...

But I must say my lappy looks waaay better now! Ain't it cute?


  1. Hi Pili,

    Thank you very much for the writings!

    I am so happy to see the photos. The size is just nice.


  2. Thank you, Rain!

    I love looking at my lappy, it does look so cute with its new skin!


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