Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fancy a Cuppa? Teaman is what you need!

In my last blog I had plans for working more on my blog entries, since I thought I'd happen to have more spare time... But, well I had quite a few busy days, trying to get my visa for my next trip to India, which took two days, cause on Tuesday, after going to the Embassy straight from working night shift, it was closed due to a holiday. So in my day off today, I had to go back, waking up early today, and after waiting for three hours, I have my visa.

In these past two days, I've been pretty tired and not getting as much sleep as I would have wanted, so my inspiration level was on low. But today I was just thinking I need to do some work in here, since this week, I've been getting a few packages, and the pending entries list is growing fast!

Today's entry is gonna be dedicated to one of my shared loves with the boyfriend: TEA! Both Gaurav and me are big tea lovers, and love to have tea daily, and trying new types of tea all the time! Being a firm believer and supporter of the handmade philosophy I started looking up for tea sellers on Etsy. I found quite a few, with loose tea and teabags, and after reading listings, and shop policies and profiles, I kinda liked one shop above the others, Teaman, but wasn't completely sure about going ahead and ordering, and at the same time, one of the girls at the DIYscene forums was asking about tea sellers on Etsy, so I suggested she tried this shop, cause I liked the sound of it, and asked her to let me know how she liked the tea.

Nicole went ahead and ordered the tea, and told me she really loved it, so I decided to go check the Teaman shop again, and decided to go for his sampler set, with 15 different types of tea, with 75 teabags total for ONLY $8.50! When it arrived home, the tea could be smelt from outside the box (that arrived slightly squished, despite the efforts to prevent it made by the Teaman) and in perfect condition! Every sampler set consisting on 5 teabags of each flavor comes sealed in a zip bag, so the tea is kept fresh and doesn't lose any properties or aroma! And you get to try a huge number of amazing flavours and are able to keep them in the best conditions at the same time! I've tried a bunch of tea flavours and I'm loving each one of them! His rendition of Chai tea is really nice, and I love also the blackberry & blueberry tea! Truth be told, I haven't tried any tea that I got in this sampler that I haven't loved!

I started raving to Gaurav about this tea, and was begging for me bringing some with me next month when I'm flying there, and I promised I would, and were going to pick up which flavours and how many, but after checking the Teaman's shop again, I found the 125 teabags sampler, with 25 different flavours, for $14... and I decided I was going to get that one and take it with me in the suitcase!! We're gonna be having loads of tea in this trip, and enjoying every second of it!


  1. **DIES** You just sold me! I love tea, and this is FANTASTIC! I think I am sold!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on my shop. I am grateful that you gave me the chance to impress. I have had a wonderful time getting to know you and working with you has been a total pleasure.

    Sincerely, Tim the teaman

  3. Yayy! I love his tea too!! I didn't realize he had a 125 bag sampler!!!! That will be my next purchase!! :)


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