Friday, January 9, 2009

Mizu's Garden!

Finally some time off to go back to blog writing! And the perfect day to stay home (at least till I have to go to work tonight) cause we've got a really nice snowfall, first big one since 2005! It's really nice to see snow finally over here, though it's cause loads of trouble in the roads, it took my brother 5 hours to reach from his work to his house, when it usually takes 20 minutes... But as I said, lovely weather to stay home with a warm cup of tea and write on my blog!

On this cold winter day, I'm gonna be writing about the colourful flower garden of hair accesories (and more!) that is Mizu's Garden.

I found her shop during a search for Japanese goods I did on Etsy. I wasn't really looking for anything specifically, but came across her shop and fell in love! Her handcrafted hair flowers and accesories, using traditional Japanese techniques with a modern twist, and using chirimen and kimono fabrics are all too beautiful!

As I usually do before buying anything on Etsy I proceeded to read around her shop, profile and shop policies, and decided to contact her about the shipping to Spain (one of my pet peeves... too many sellers on Etsy don't ship internationally and some even specifically won't ship to Spain...) and she responded very quickly, saying she'd check the exact shipping with her P.O. to give me and accurate quote. And so my first flower was purchased! A beautiful White October hair fork flower! When it arrived home, barely a week after shipping I got a beautifully packed (in a gift box and all!) and securely wrapped package, and I saw how absolutely beautiful the flower is, and how amazing her craftwomanship is... I was completely hooked to her shop!

Soon after, I went ahead and indulged myself again in her shop, this time getting a gorgeous Fabric Butterfly hairclip and a stunning flower hair comb. With equally fast shipping and even a refund on the price paid for the shipping, and her amazing customer service, it's quite difficult to restrain yourself of NOT buying her entire shop! The fabric butterfly I wore during work's Christmas dinner and it was a total success! Everyone loved it! One of my co-workers even asked to get some pics taken wearing it! (if you're wondering where did I get that gorgeous hoodie/top, it's made by Mara of Haute Indiscretion).

My last purchase from her shop (for now!) were a few things for myself, and some Christmas presents. I got one of her gorgeous ribbon ornaments for a friend of mine, and then I got a gorgeous hair clip & hair fork flower for myself, and requested if she could also make the hair clip into a brooch, so I could that one for my mum. And in just one day, I had the Dream flower brooch ready to be shipped! Both my friend and my mother loved their presents, and I of course loved my self-presents! ;-) Here you can see my mum very happy with her flower brooch!

Now, I'm already planning my next purchases, some b-day presents, and I can't wait to see what she's working on now!


  1. Awww, I love your pictures, Pili! What a great holiday gathering! You and your mom looked so cute! Yes, the guy looked gorgeous with the butterfly, too! :)
    Thank you so much for introducing my flowers to your friends and families. Wish you all the best in 2009!

  2. Thank you, Mizu!

    Have a great 2009 you too!

  3. Thanks for putting my top in your blog, Pili! When I get a chance, I'll advertise your blog in mine :D


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