Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rocky The Zombie!

Finally, the weekend is here! Well, more accurately I'll be happy about my weekend OFF is here! Weekends don't really mean the same for a nurse as for regular people, since our shifts don't really go as regular office hours and the like.

As usual, time off means some time to relax, catch up on my reading without losing sleep, catching up with friends and some social life aaaand of course, having time to take pics and write on my blog!

I have a few entries planned, but I decided to dedicate this one to Rhiannon, the amazing girl behind Rocky The Zombie! Her line's name was inspired by her amazing doggie, Rocky (that sadly passed away not too long ago), and features her original lil zombie characters, all hand painted!

She started quite a while ago on eBay, but I found her through DIYScene, the most amazing forum ever! I love it, and I'm not a crafter... But I've met so many amazing crafters there, I couldn't be happier about having joined there, a year ago this month!

I heard so many good things about Rhi's shop, and her designs, so I had to check it! I went to her Etsy shop, and fell in love with all her lil guys! Since she makes all sorts of clothing sizes, from baby clothing, to toddlers, to all adults size, I was waiting for a while to see if she could list some my size, but then, as I noticed she made custom orders, I decided to contact her, and ask for a few custom made tees, with the colours and designs I wanted. She was not only awfully nice, but also very helpful with providing me all info about tees and colours available and all sorts of info about the type of paint she uses and all that jazz! I finally went for three short sleeved tees, in pink, blue & black (favourite colours of mine) and some really cute designs, Zombie with Cupcake for the pink tee, Zombies with doggie (inspired by Fabulously Fierce's doggie Henry) in blue tee and Halloweeny Zombies for the black tee. She did an amazing job at them, and everytime she paints a design it's absolutely unique, cause they're hand painted, so no two are ever completely alike! I absolutely love the three tees, and you can see me wearing the pink one!

Recently Rhi decided to try a new thing, lil 8x8 inches paintings featuring her cute lil zombies! As soon as she started listing them, they started selling like hot cakes! The paintings are so colourful and so cute, that they're irristible! I really wanted (and still want) to get one, two or a hundred! But, I don't really have space for any right now, and I'm trying to not buy things now for my prospective move out to my own place (one of these years), so I keep refraining myself. So, when my friend Irene said she was moving and pimping her new place I got a lightbulb! I could buy some of Rhi's lovely lil guys, and wouldn't feel guilty over not having space and all that jazz! I got two really cute purple lil guys, with cupcake and ice cream (and I got the most unique Zombie with floating ice cream and no arms! He's absolutely too cute and won't probably ever happen again, so it's truly OOAK). I got them last Wednesday, and today I visited my friend Irene to give her the lil guys, and I was more than ready to take them back with me home if she wasn't completely in awe with them! (Un)Fortunately she loved them to pieces!! As soon as she opened the package she had this huge smile on her face, and started going through every single empty bit of wall in her room, trying to find the perfect spot for them! And you can see her happy self with her Rocky the Zombie paintings!

I just can't wait for the moment of me being the one looking for the right spot for my own lil zombies paintings in my own place!


  1. I am so happy the weekend is here - but it is almost finishing.. boo hoo!!!
    The T-shirts are so cute! I am always impressed about the talents you can find on Etsy. You are so good at reviewing and describing them.
    Oh, by the way, I have given you a blog award. The detail is on my new post. Hope that's OK!
    Hope you had a great weekend ;D

  2. Jus - I know, the lil zombies are cutest thing ever!

    Kyoko - The weekend is almost gone! I don't know where it went!

    Thank you so much for the award! I will be posting about it tomorrow!

    Thanks a lot again!


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