Monday, January 12, 2009

Pink Quartz Minerals!

I'm trying to get up to date with my blog entries, cause I happen to have a few pending ones, and today I added two more, since I got two more packages today!

Today's blog is dedicated to one of my very first sellers in Etsy ever! As usual, with long time sellers, I don't remember how I came across Doree's shop: Pink Quartz Minerals, but what I know is that it has become my absolute favourite shop for all my mineral make up needs!

I've always been a huge make up lover, I love eye shadows and the endless combinations you can whip up, for natural looks and for absolutely over the top ones! Since I started working, and having less and less social life, my make up daring has reduced itself too, but I haven't lost my love for make up goodies!

My first purchase from Pink Quartz Minerals was one of her Eye Shadow kits samplers, the Fun one for Brown Eyes. These samplers are supposed to have enough eye shadow for 5 to 6 applications, but in my experience, they do have waaay more than that! I don't use my make up all that much, but I still have all my samplers almost full!

After falling in love with the mineral eye shadows, and with Doree's fantastic customer service and overall niceness, I have gone back several times to get more sampler sets, for eye shadows, for blush, for bronzers, foundations... you name it! Her sampler sizes are really great for those like me, who like to have a lot of variety in small sizes cause we don't use all that much make up.

My absolute favourite product from her whole shop is the Translucent Veil! This is a translucent (white looking) powder, that can be used to finish off after the foundation, or just on its own, to give you a wonderful soft glowing look. I absolutely love it! And use it a lot on its own, to just give a looking good touch.

After trying a lot of her make up, I've decided to only use mineral make up from now on, and so I have a nice cosmetic bag for of Doree's goodies! Not only she offers amazing mineral make up, with hundreds of different eye shadows, and one wide palette of foundations, from the lighter possible to darker ones, one for every skin type!

She also offers all kind of vegan make up brushes, in sets with make up samples or as amazing make up brushes sets. One of those sets with make up samples that I got for myself, ideal for trips and carrying around in your bag or suitcase, with seven small vegan brushes, with a compartment for keeping your most used samplers to take around with you! It's one of my most faithful companions in all my trips!

I am so in love with her products that I have hooked some of my co-workers to her products, so I end up ordering for them everytime I order something for myself! Visit her shop, and I can assure you, you'll find your favourite eye shadow and your perfect foundation colour, custom made for yourself, if need be!


  1. Pili. YOu need to stop tempting me with this whole soap/body products/makeup promotional. I will GO BROKE!!!!

    I really, however, might try some of her stuff, I am a makeup tard, and maybe this shop is the answer to my problems!!!!

  2. Well, she's surely helpful, cause you also get an info sheet on how to use her make up! ;-)

  3. I've bought some things from her before, I love her eyeshadow! I'm going to have to try the foundation soon.


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