Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Illumicrate's February box is HERE!!

Hello there guys!!

If you are wondering why am I talking about a February subscription box when it's already March, the answer is because I am floundering a bit and time seems to just get away from me!

Anyways! Here I am to coo and squee about how very awesome Illumicrate's February box was!!

For starters, this time the Spanish post decided to NOT post an extra address label on the top of the box where the super cute logo can be see!!

If you are wondering what's Illumicrate, check either their website HERE or my first post about the first Illumicrate box HERE.

Do you see that gorgeous box?? Dylan was super excited to see what was inside this one!

 And that's the whole lot!! A lot of awesomeness in this box for sure!!
The book (UK ed of Truthwitch!!, ADSOM inspired candle, bookish pencils, super cute tote, lemonade recipe, handmade exclusive bookish pouch, badges and even magnetic bookmarks!!).

I'm absolutely in love with my Red London candle from Simple Candle Co! I keep sniffing it at random times of the day, and I'd got nuts for a guy that smelled like that! Also very happy that luck got me this one instead of either Grey, White or Black, since you got one randomly!

I adore Truthwitch and I've re-read it like 4 times already and I really wanted to get me the UK edition of the book, but money is tight so I couldn't justify it, so getting it with this book along with the bookmark, the signed bookplate and the special message from Susan was the ultimate treat!

And lastly this supremely adorable magnetic bookmarks from Beedoo. Seriously, that ship that says "I ship it" it's so beyond perfect!!

With every new box I'm more and more excited about the next Illumicrate box and happier than I subscribed! I cannot wait for May's box!! Subscriptions are open now too, in case you guys want to try it out! Highly recommended, even more if you are in the UK or Europe!!


  1. I have not been able to justify a subscription box before, but with Sebastian working now I have been thinking about it again. Illumicrate seems to have things I would love, and if I didn't I could use the items for trades and giveaways. :)

  2. HOW FUN!!!! I still need to read Truthwitch, I'm so glad to know you loved it Pili:) The "I Ship It" magnet is beyond adorable, and fitting for sure! We book nerds love our ships:)

  3. Oh, yay for you! I've seen this pretty box somewhere else and I found it amazing! I'm reading Truthwitch right now, so now I know how awesome is it.

  4. Eee, this is so cute :D Gorgeous post Pili. <3 Yay for getting this box every month :) I WANT IT TOO. But seriously cannot afford it right now. Sigh. But have more money in May, so might sign up then :D Yay. Thank you for sharing about all this awesome stuff :) So glad you loved it. <3


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