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Friday Reads: ARC Review of Beastly Bones by William Ritter!!

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Friday is here once again and I'm back from the cottage to get ready to go back to work this weekend, but at least I have some awesome co-workers this weekend, which is always a relief, and even more during the summer months!

For this week's Friday Reads I have another ARC review for ARC August and one that I hope it'll help reach the ever-ellusive 80% ratio on Netgalley!

Beastly Bones: A Jackaby NovelBeastly Bones: A Jackaby Novel by William   Ritter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading and loving Jackaby last year, I was thrilled to be approved by Algonquin books via NetGalley!

This book is also from Abigail's POV and it starts like any other day in the life of our paranormal investigators, with an intriguing and strange case of dangerous but apparently fluffy kittens.

And with such an intriguing but mostly harmless case we start and things get more intriguing and more dire once there's a murder and then they're hired by the police to help on the investigation because there's been another similar murder at the village where a certain handsome and somewhat canine policeman was destined after the events of the previous book.

We meet a peculiar friend of Jackaby's that has a special love for "unique" creatures and a whole new cast of characters quite distinctive all of them! Some a bit more exagerated than others but not to the point of being ridiculous, even if it was rather humorous at times!

Abigail gets to be more than just Jackaby's assistant because she gets her time to shine when it comes to her passion: paleontology! The murder happened close to a dig with an amazing dinosaur discovery and things start getting more and more mysterious and it seems like they might be related somehow.

I love how Abigail worries about her feelings for Charlie and if acting on them would end up cutting down the freedom she fought so hard for, to the point of crossing the Atlantic on her own. And I loved how Jackaby's reactions and advice were odd but somewhat on point (rather reminded me of the Tenth Doctor in those moments, with a lil of 11th too!).

So threads seemed to be unconnected: Jenny's acting unusually ghoulish, the strange kittens, and odd man that Abigail sees twice, the whole murders case...

It was a super fast read and I was never bored but I did get a bit frustrated because I felt that they took too long to put two and two together and I had guessed something rather big quite early on, although I had not guessed exactly who or how was responsible for it.

I was extremely excited about the end because it opens rather epic possibilities for the next book! A mastermind behind paranormal cases! Jenny's case! Cannot wait!

Well deserved 3.5 stars for this one! Quite recommended to those who want something that mix urban fantasy with historical fiction!

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  1. I keep seeing this book around lately. I will definitely check it out since I've been in the mood for historical fiction. But is this the second book in a series? I'll have to look up the first book then. Thanks for the awesome review, Pili :)

    ~Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea

    1. Keep in mind that it is a mix of historical fiction with supernatural elements, loads of them, Karina!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I bought Jackaby a few months or so ago, but I still need to read it. I guess with the sequel coming out, I should really get on things. haha


    (keep in touch! I always comment back!)

    1. Having the sequel of a book on hand is always better when you read it! I hope you'll enjoy Jackaby, Lauren!

  3. I cannot wait to read this book! I loved Jackaby. It was such a fun and creative book and I'm so glad it got turned into a series. I am a little worried about the mystery though. I figured out the culprit in the first book and I don't think they dragged it out at all. As you know, I hate that. We'll see. Great review!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

    1. I only figured part of the mystery but I feel like being a HP fan would help figure it out easily than if you aren't! ;)
      I hope you'll love this one as much as you loved Jackaby, Cassi!

  4. I have Jackaby as both a physical ARC and as a finished ebook, and I have not read ir yet. *downcasts eyes* I think part of my problem is everyone started comparing it to Sherlock Holmes in their reviews, and I don't care for Sherlock stories.Do you think I will still like these?

    1. I guess the comparisons with Sherlock would be because he is an eccentric detective with not the best social abilities, but I feel like Jackaby is more like the Doctor (Doctor Who) than like Sherlock!

  5. Gorgeous review Pili :D I'm sorry that you didn't fully love this one :\ but yay for enjoying it a whole lot :D You make it seem awesome. <3 I'm curious about these two books. But not sure if I want to read them ;p One day, maybe. Thank you for sharing about it sweetie. <3

    1. They're fun, quirky and completely love triangle free, so you might give them a try! And as a plus, the covers are gorgeous!!

  6. I remember seeing a ton of positive reviews for Jackaby last year (or thereabout)! I don't think the novels ever drew me, as I know nothing about them. I like the cover of this one, it reminds me of the cover of Little Bee :D

    Excellent review, Pili! So glad you enjoyed this one :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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