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Mark This Book Monday: Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi!!!

Starting this week's Mark This Book Monday I have another one of the very awaited books for this year, and one that I devoured on release day! I have waited a bit longer to post the review since I wasn't sure the review could be entirely spoiler free!

Since it's also the final book in a dystopian trilogy, it's also part of my Dystopian Reading Challenge 2014 hosted at Blog Of Erised!

Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ignite Me was yet another extremely anticipated book, and it being again the final book in a trilogy, it was even more eagerly awaited.

The thing about Ignite Me is that after all the emotional distress I went through after Unravel Me and then reading Fracture Me... I was scared, really scared about my emotional well being with this one.

I have to say, I'm not sure I will be able to keep this review spoiler free completely, so please, please, please... if you haven't read the book yet or haven't started the series yet (what are you waiting for, really!?) do continue to read on at your own risk.

Ignite Me is not a book full of action, it does have some action and it does keep the dystopian elements there, but Ignite Me is mostly the culmination of Juliette's journey of self discovery and self acceptance and as such, is one hell of a brilliant read! I absolutely love seeing how Juliette's voice has been changing and evolving during the three books, and how in here she learns to not depend on others' acceptance of who she is, and she learns how to take charge of herself as a whole, with her powers, her past, present and future! My favourite quote that reflects how much I love this book and its message there it's: "I am enough, and I will always be".

Something else Ignite Me is very heavy on is the resolution of the love triangle, and I'm surprised that despite it all, and since Destroy Me, I haven't been annoyed about the love triangle, and I have been quite invested in it, after Unravel Me I was a Team Warner convert, even more after reading Fracture Me, and this one just cemented it without an inch of a doubt. Adam irritated me in Fracture Me, and in Ignite Me there were times I just wanted to punch him! The way his character was going made me almost hate him for a while, but I'm glad that he eventually stopped being the douchest of all douches.

I was also very happy that despite how much the romance took over this book, it was done in such a fantastic way! Juliette needed time to find herself, to learn how to train, how to be deal with the mess that was around her and somehow Warner managed to be there for her even if it was killing him! And the chemistry between these two... wow, off the charts! Tahereh Mafi does know how to make scenes that make you fan yourself!

One character that everyone loves in these books and even more in this one is Kenji, and I just have to agree! I adored Kenji to bits! He was there for Juliette, helping her, telling her off when he thought she needed it, making her laugh and being her best friend and allowing her to be his best friend too, because Kenji really needed someone to talk to after the horrible fall of Omega Point and the aftermath of it all. I loved the interactions of Kenji with Warner, and how they seemed to be able to not just be civil to each other (and given their past that was quite an achievement) but also to build up some sort of camaraderie and mutual respect after a while.

The final confrontation and high bout of action is at the very end of the book, but trust me... it doesn't mean that anything that lead to it was boring at all! There was so much going emotionally, that you are charged and ready to kick arse and find out what happens. I was not once bored during the book, though I must confess I wondered what kind of confrontation and resolution we'd get with what was left of the book. The fact is that ending is conclusive, but it's also left open enough for us to figure out whatever kind of future we want for the characters now. And I am okay with it.

With the emotional journey this book was and with how happy it made me with Juliette's attitude in the end and of course, how the love triangle was resolved, I cannot help but give this one 5 stars and maybe a few more! Emotionally this book is absolutely flawless, and so it's the brilliant and so visual and compelling writing! Just...  READ IT!

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  1. This one was very much based on the emotional aspects as well as resolving that triangle...that oddly enough didn't bother me much after the first book. I'm so happy you loved it!

    1. Agreed Kristen! This one love triangle managed to work for me somehow, probably cause my ship prevailed and Tahereh managed to explain things well!

  2. This was such a fantastic review Pili! I felt the exact same way.
    God. I was almost screaming in frustration at Adam when I was reading Ignite Me! I really wanted to punch him as well. I was so glad that he didn't stay like that right to the end though, it was nice to see the old Adam coming back at the end.
    I was SO FREAKING HAPPY at how the love triangle resolved. I think I probably would have thrown a fit if it didn't end up that way. Warner has just been there for Juliet so much more than Adam, and he's always understood her more.
    I loooooooove Kenji so much! He just made the book for me. It definitely wouldn't have been the same without him there to knock some sense into Juliet when she needed it.
    I didn't mind that there wasn't a lot of action at the end either because it was really intense.
    Such a fantastic review, Pili! I completely agree with everything and I just want to re-read them all now!


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