Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

Hello everyone!

Today is Thursday, and once again I'm here to say thank you!

Today I'm thankful for two small things, but that have helped me feel much better!

For starters, this past Tuesday I finally decided to sign up for NetGalley, a website where "professional readers" as well as teachers, librarians, can get ARCs (Advanced Reader's Copy) of books. The idea for ARCs is that they are uncorrected proofs, released in small quantities, and some changes are sometimes made between them and the final books.

Well, right the next day, yesterday I was told one of my two first requests was approved, so now I have my very first ARC in my hands! (well, technically, my tablet & my phone). It's for Gold by Talia Vance, from the Bandia series. So super happy bookworm me - check!

And the second reason is that today at work, the son of one of my patients gave me this sweet little gift!

My own super cute EVA foam mini-me! Complete with curly hair! Ain't that just super sweet?

So once again, THANK YOU!!


  1. That doll is super sweet, Pili :)

  2. The doll is so cute, Pili! I love it!!

  3. The ARCs sound like a sweet deal, and perfect for someone who reads as much as you do. The gift is so precious too. Nothing brightens my day more than a sweet child. Your patients are so lucky to have a caring person like yourself in their lives!

  4. Awesome things to be thankful for. I'm on NetGalley and just signed up for Edelweiss. They have ARCs from places like Harper and Penguin that aren't on NetGalley. You might want to check it out. I found out about it from book review blogs.

  5. Thank you for the info Natalie, will check it out!


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