Thursday, February 9, 2012

Traveling Thursday: Cuenca, Spain!

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello and welcome to Traveling Thursday!

I think I've just channeled Stephen Fry intro to QI... If only I could channel also some of his brain power! My brain has been completely scattered this week! So busy at work, and thinking of leaving this Sunday and also not sleeping too well is leaving my brain in a state of wonkiness... I think I'll go get a nice latte or something from my Dolce Gusto and continue to work on the entry in a wee bit, to help with the mental fog!

Aaaand back, sipping on a vanilla latte. Hopefully I'll kick the laziness enough to work a bit on rearranging the packing, take some shots for future blog entries, maybe even schedule a pair of them for next week, and bake some cupcakes to take to my bro's for my nephews!

Getting back on track, today I'm gonna share with you all Cuenca, the capital city of a Spanish province of the same name, nearby Madrid. It's a small city, mediaeval and smack right in the middle (or confluence) of two rivers, the Jucar and the Huecar. It's built on a hill and you can see the canyons carved by both rivers. Absolutely stunning views! I've been there a few times, cause is the hometown of Alberto and Emilio, two friends of mine, and in Emilio's case, he's also the bf of one of my best friends!

Cuenca's cathedral, it's almost like a twin of Notre Dame de Paris!

One of the most famous sights fo Cuenca "las casas colgadas" translated roughly as "the hanging houses" built right at the border of the cliff.

View of the hanging houses from the middle of the bridge 

A view of all the city!

Another view of the top of the hill

Another view of the hills opposite the city

My friend Irene, Alberto, David and myself

Here you can see the "hanging houses" and the bridge

And another view of the cliff and the "hanging houses"


  1. It's really a wonderful place to visit! I'll keep it in mind for my next travel.

    The pictures are very nice for painting. Can I borrow one of the housing ones to paint?

  2. Awesome pictures! Looks like a lovely place! Makes me want to travel .. :D

  3. The views are gorgeous! That last photo could be marketed as a postcard. And I love how cute you are in these pictures! You always have a vibrant, youthful look but you seem especially young here. So cute!

  4. Spain is one of the countries I'd love to visit someday thus I'm really excited when I saw this post! The sceneries are beautiful.. I'm hoping you can post bigger images so I can see more details. Pls pls share with us more about Spain and recommend some nice places that we can visit!! :*


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