Friday, March 12, 2010

Lens cozy by MsChrista!

Hullo there!

I'm back in Spain, after the usual long transcontinental flight, and the not so unusual running around airports (this time it was the Charles de Gaulle airport, really nice looking airport, of what I managed to see while running around it!).

I've decided to have a nice cappuccino made with my beloved Dolce Gusto and keep myself as busy as possible, so I don't feel too crappy now, missing the bf.

Today, I want to talk about Christa, the wonderful lady behind MsChrista's Rockin' Accessories. She not only make some stunning hair flowers and hair accessories, but she also makes some great bags and can even get out of her comfort zone and make awesome coffee cozies as she did before for me, and her latest success: a lens cozy!

I have been looking for lens cozies on Etsy since I got my beloved Olympus E-620 with its two kit lenses, and even more since I got my 50mm f2 macro lens, but none of the ones I've found seemed the right size or I simply didn't like the style, so I decided to ask on my twitter feed who was interested in trying their hand at it? And Christa offered her sewing skills to the challenge!

I provided the measurements for my 14-42mm kit lens, but somehow I managed to get them wrong, cause once I got the cozy, it was a wee bit small. My failure on measuring properly resulted on a strike of luck for Gaurav, cause he had bought an old used lens on eBay (fantastic lens by the way) and the cozy did fit it perfectly! And since the fabric was oriental but with dragons and the like, it was deemed manly enough to be added to the bf's stock!

The best thing that makes this lens cozy different from all the others is mainly the zipper closure, instead of the usual drawstring closure. It feels more secure in a way, and more easy access to the lens than having to grasp for it inside the cozy.

Other nice feature of this cozy is the fact that is lined in felt fabric for extra padding, but it's also a fabric that doesn't attract too many fibers, which is very good for storing lenses.

I'm actually thinking of asking Christa to make a few more cozies for my lenses, and this time I will be sure to take the proper measurements!!

And don't forget to check Christa's Etsy shop for amazing hair accessories!!


  1. I really like that!! Hopefully you finished unpacking. That isn't one of my strong points. My hubby went to England almost two years ago and there is STILL a (small!) unpacked bag in our basement. Apparently he isn't good at unpacking either! :)

  2. GAH, I love that fabric!!

    I wish I could keep you as a pet and have you take my photos for me!

  3. It is really beautiful cozy for your lens!

  4. What a great shop! LOVE the fabric!
    Just went to check how many favorites I had on Etsy. Can you believe 16 pages! I think I need to go through there and take out the ones that are sold :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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