Saturday, March 13, 2010

Biting Gnome Snail Mail aka Karyl's Cards!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

How's your weekend going? Mine is not going too bad, I have finally finished the unpacking and my suitcase is already stored back, till next time.

Today I've updated also the Two Girls And A Bar of Soap blog with our very shiny and new blog button, feel free to grab it here!

And to continue on keeping myself busy I've been taking and editing a few shots for this blog entry, about the amazing Karyl from Biting Gnome Baubles and her fantastic handmade cards!

I discovered her amazing cards when I got one with my order from Absidy Jewellery and I fell in love with it!

So I checked her shop, but there weren't any more available, so I have been keeping an eye open for some new cards. And last month she listed some gorgeous Alice cards, with the original Tenniel illustrations and I knew I had to get me some!

I got me two sets of 10 cards each, one set in red with Alice and the cards and the other in purple with Alice opening the door to the garden!

After these two more classical sets, she has also worked on more sets, this time based in some amazing movies! Sleepy Hollow, Nine, True Blood, etc... I got me two more sets, a Nightmare Before Christmas one and a set with images from the newest Alice In Wonderland movie!

The Nightmare Before Christmas set is absolutely perfect for Hallowe'en cards, and I will be sending them this year, if I can manage to part with them!

The Alice In Wonderland set is amazing, and I will be using it probably for b-day cards or any other sort of greeting cards, again if I can manage to part with them! They're just too cute!

And if these brilliant cards weren't enough, Karyl also makes amazing polymer jewellery! From pendants to necklaces to pins and accessory clips! I own a few pieces and love them to bits, but they'll be featured in another blog entry!

Need more reasons to check her shop? What about the amazing samples of soap you always get? OR the fact that she's offering a FREE SHIPPING sale right now AND that every purchase in her shops enters a drawing where you can win a sock monster and a $30 gift certificate? Awesome reasons, I know!


  1. These cards are FANTASTIC! I'm off to check out her shop! :)

  2. Her cards are absolutely beautiful!!!! <3

  3. She has the best cards. Love them!

  4. LOve the Alice In Wonderland cards! It must be a big hit since the movie is showing now. I haven't got a chance to catch it yet though. Thanks for sharing these!

    And welcome back my friend! :)

  5. her cards are really amazing aren't they! She needs to get more in her shop!


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