Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Emilio's Birthday

Hello there!

How was/is your Sunday? Mine was pretty good! Since tomorrow is my b-day and next week it's Emilio's birthday (my best friend's bf), we decided to do a lil meet up and have lunch together.

Since we went to an Indian restaurant last winter, Emilio fell in love with the food, specially with the Butter Chicken we tried, and I decided that it'd be a great b-day present to get him the recipe and the spices to cook it. And I knew where to look for spice sets: Purpose Design Etsy shop!

I knew where to get the spice set but I needed to find the recipe for butten chicken, but as it happened, I found it on SpiceLab, Purpose Design's blog! So, all I had to do was translate it into Spanish, print it and add it to the spice sets (aside from getting him the Indian set, I also got him a BBQ rubs set, since he loves cooking and BBQing).

So, upon arriving with a Sachertorte for dessert and a bottle of Lambrusco for the lunch, I handed Emi the recipe for Butter Chicken and when he started pondering on the ingredients that he was missing, I produced the box with both spice sets. And he started cooking right away!

We also got basmati rice to go with the chicken, though we couldn't find any roti or naan to complete the Indian way of eating it. Did I mention that we got a LOT of basmati rice?

Aside from the Butter Chicken we also made two salads and grilled ribs with honey & BBQ sauce, that are Emilio's specialty!

Everything in the table was as yummy as it looks, and even so, we got loads of leftovers, mainly rice!

There was also some cake left, since we were terribly stuffed by the time we had the coffee and brought out the cake, but it was absolutely delicious and everyone loved it!

We had a really good day, and it's always nice to meet up with friends over good food!


  1. GAH! You now feed my handmade world with THIS?!?!?!? For SHAME Ms. Pili! My wallet is crying! ;)

    I think I am now sitting in a pile of my own drool over the stuff in that shop! FANTASTIC! And how wonderful, right? I LOVE eating with friends! It is the way I am the most happy!


  2. Eating with friends is awesome! And I'm sorry Brookers, but the spice sets are really awesome, I also got my brother-in-law a pair of them for his b-day!

  3. What a fun birthday party! I think that your present sounds perfect, and I'm pretty sure Emilio agrees. He's probably SO thankful to have such thoughtful, considerate friends!

  4. Looks like an amazing day Pili! Hopefully someday we can meet in person and have a long lunch with cake and coffee after!!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Oh! Super duper happy birthday!
    Looks like you had a great time. I must post your gloves (I have made it but haven't taken the photo yet - so will do on Wednesday).
    I am a rice girl so I LOVE basmati rice. Such a lovely photo. Have a great day today!


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