Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two Girls And A Bar of Soap!

Hi there!

Finally, I'm back! I've had a few busy days at work, very busy days, I'd even say, and I really haven't had the energy and the time to update the blog, or even to plan the next entries, which I shall be doing this week. I can't wait for my holidays, which will mean some time to just relax and be with my boyfriend, and on occassion, write a blog entry with finally some decent pics of myself taken!

But, this blog is not just to rant about myself, this blog is dedicated to announce my new blog! I'm now the proud co-author and collaborator of a new blog dedicate to review Bath & Body products!: Two Girls And A Bar of Soap!

Brooke, from Crossbones Couture, which I can proudly name, not only as a favourite seller of mine, but as a good friend, and fellow B&B products junkie, proposed this idea to me, since we both love handmade B&B products and we love talking about them! We have only started, and will be doing reviews of our favourite products so far, and you can find the links to our favourites shops in the blog too!

Also, if you want us to review your products, e-mail us, we love trying new products and discovering new shops!

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