Thursday, February 5, 2009


After some procastinating, and being lazy, and wondering how to get the best pictures possible without natural light (cloudy & rainy day over here), I'm now ready to work on my newest blog entry (yes, this one).

I found Cottonpurr on Etsy through Pounce, which means I was bored and decided to look around Etsy to see what newness I could find, saw one her wallets and decided to check her shop!

I must confess a total love & addiction to handbags, purses and wallets, an addiction anyone that knows me is well aware of, and if any of you have read my entry about Dolly bags, must have guessed.

I started checking her shop, and totally fell in love with her wallets, and also the Asuka bag, though her shop is filled with loads of lovely bags, either ready to ship or made to order. She also has camera pouches, and cell phone pouches, which was what I decided to make my first purchase from her shop.

A confession I must make is that I tend to be an impulse buyer, but only from shops I've bought before, and sellers I know about. For new sellers, I always spend some time reading around policies, profile and listings and feedback... You can say I get to be a lil thorough when it comes to shopping from new people. I have found that it is always the best way to buy, reading and knowing what you're getting properly, and making sure you want what you're buying.

After checking her cell phone pouches, I decided to convo her after measuring my phone, cause none of the pouches seemed the right size for my phone, so I wanted to ask her if she could combine the two pouches sizes she offers, and make one better suited for my very pink Sony Ericsson. I also asked for a custom fabric that I had seen in her sold items. She convoed me back saying that she'd gladly combine the measurements, and that she had the fabric I wanted, so she set up the custom listing for my pouch!

After a week, I got another convo from her, with pictures of my lovely pouch, and telling me it was going to be shipped that day, and after 5 days I got an extremely well & careful packed cell phone pouch that won't only work as a replacement for my current pouch, but will also work as wristlet for those times I don't want to take much with me, aside from my phone!

Ain't it cute?


  1. Oh, I really like the phone pouch! It looks so well made.
    It's so hard to take photos when it is not too sunny. I totally agree.
    When that happens, I use my strongest desk lamp and put a white background to reflect light. I also set my camera to take in as much light as possible. It usually works OK.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. It is really sweet of you to write such a detailed review, I really appreciate that! And I totally agree with how you do your homework before purchasing from a new seller, since we can't escape from the shopping addiction, then we have to spend our money wisely! Look forward to working with you in the future!

    Best regards,
    Cotton Purr

  3. That's so cute! off to check it out!


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