Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Feature: Camamiel!

Well, my blogging hasn't really gone back into full force, but at least, I'm trying to update weekly, and hopefully I'll eventually get back into my 3 posts a week routine!

Today, the first of my days off at work for the holidays, I wanted to make a special Friday Feature

I might have mentioned Deb from On Cupcake Moon before, and how we have become taste twins, and how thanks to our common taste for awesome handmade goodies and shops we have connected and became great friends, and I actually can't wait to meet her in person (hopefully next year, twin!).

So, this year I wanted to make her a special Xmas gift, since I know we both love unique things, and after seeing her buying one of Camamiel's Xmas Angels, I thought that a fantastic gift would be a Camamiel mini-Deb! 

 Deb and her Camamiel's mini-Deb!

And we did it! We based the doll on a cartoon of herself that Deb draw, with her kitty, and Ana Camamiel did an absolutely astounding job making sure the doll was a faithful reproduction even to the Rocky The Zombie tee she's wearing!

And Deb absolutely loved it!! So, yeah, further proof that buying handmade is absolutely the best way to go for gift giving!!


  1. That's a great, unique and adorable gift!

  2. handmade gifts are the best!!! your thoughtfulness of having the doll made for me touched my heart beyond words, and ana's craftsmanship of my mini-me is perfect! it is one of the best gifts i have ever received! *big huge squishy hugs* love ya!!! <3

  3. I had never seen a picture of Deb before. She is so freaking CUTE! That's so sweet of you to have a mini-me made for her. It turned out great! You're so thoughtful, Pili.

  4. Oh my gosh...that is so cool! What an awesome gift!!

  5. Pili, it was my pleasure. Thank you for thinking of me to make special gifts for your friends. It´s wonderful to see our beautiful Deb smiling like that! She is seriously gorgeous beyond words. I love their matching t-shirts. YAY!


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