Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: What to wear for an Indian Wedding's Reception, the handmade way!

Hello, hello, heeeelloooo! Well, it has been quite a while! With this and that, and the other thing, I really have abandoned my poor lil blog! But today I decided I really needed to remedy that, so I'm putting the latest book I'm reading aside and working on the first Wearing Handmade Wednesday post in quite a while!

Here it is, a shot taken by Nitin Dani, a friend of Umesh, one of G's best friends. We were at Umesh's reception (part of what Big Fat Indian Wedding is... more on that on a future blog post) and here you can see, Varsha, Harsha and myself, with a mix of occidental and Indian wear. I'm wearing an absolutely lovely dress from Resa Smith (that I need to unpack and take to dry cleaning...) and matching clutch I got custom done by the awesome lady from Cotton Purr and a lovely Ever Designs necklace!


  1. Pili, you look stunning! The necklace was perfect for this dress. Many thanks for the props! ♥Noriane

  2. You and your friends look fantastic! I hope you had lots of fun at the reception.

  3. You look amazing Pili! That color is gorgeous on you!

  4. Hi Pili! Welcome back! The photo of the three of you is beautiful, as are the dresses you wore on your friend's big day. So tell us - how was the wedding? How was the reception? How was the food (dee-lish, of course - but I want details - I love Indian food), and of course, how was beautiful, gorgeous Goa? Would love to see some more photos, when you get settled back in. Welcome back to BlogLand.

    And thanks, too, for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Welcome back, once again!

  5. Could you possibly look any more GORGEOUS?! Yowza!!

    I've missed you, Pili! Hoping all is well with you and yours ♥

  6. you always dress so beautifully for these events, twin! i want to borrow everything!!! =)

  7. You look beautiful, Pili and the dress is fantastic! :)


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