Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Sugar Doll!!

Hello everyone!

Today's Wearing Handmade Wednesday is a bit later than usually, I was almost ready to give up on it, cause I had no recent photos to show off some of the stuff I have and want to show off to you people, and I really lacked the motivation to get ready and snap shots of myself, so what to do? Dig up in old folders and see if I can find any older photos of anything I haven't shown off yet, and bingo! I found this shot!

Awww, aren't we such a pair of lovebirds? And, ain't my Sugar Doll bikini cute?

There aren't that many photos of me wearing a bikini, but I do own a few. This shot was taken during a weekend trip to Neemrana in Rajasthan with a couple of friends. We couldn't resist the awesome pool and took a dip at nightfall, luckily I had packed my Sugar Doll bikini, just in case! Sugar Doll bikinis are very cute, flirty and above all, very well made! Shay, the lady behind Sugar Doll, is always designing new bikinis & lingerie, and she's a real doll herself! Just a word of warning, her designs are not for the weak of heart! ;)


  1. Adorable! If hell freezes over and I decide to wear a bikini again, I'm checking out Sugar Doll!

  2. it is a nice photo - you look nice in that bikini!
    thank you for introducing the label.

    best wishes,

  3. such a cute photo and a great bikini! i'm definitely favoriting shay's shop!

  4. OMG cutest pic ever and I love the bikini!!

  5. you guys are really cute and so is your bikini! off to check out Shay's shop!

  6. WHY oh why are you two SO perfectly adorable?! You guys melt my heart with every photo I see!


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