Friday, April 29, 2011

Feature Friday: Fabulously Fierce Home Decor!

It is Friday, and this time I am as happy as the rest of the office hours people, cause I have the weekend off!

Today I'm gonna be featuring a crafter & shop that I've featured more than once in my blog, Kylie from Fabulously Fierce & Willow Goose, and this time it'll be to share with you something she has recently added to her Home Decor shop, embroidered towels!

After recently purchasing an embroidery machine, she started adding this amazing bath & kitchen towels to her Etsy shop, so even if it's gonna be a while till I'll have a place to call my own where I'll need them, I decided to grab a couple sets of each type!

Kylie hold onto them and only shipped them so they'd arrive once I was back from my vacation, and so, they arrived today! I was so excited that before stashing them safely to wait for when they'll be needed for my own place, I took some pics of them so I could show them off!

I got a set of bath towels with Edgar Allan Poe & the Raven embroidered that are absolutely awesome! Since the towels are white, they'd look great with any bathroom, except a too white one.

And I also got a set of Alice In Wonderland themed kitchen towels, and they are also amazing! I love them, and they looked pretty awesome on my mum's kitchen, and since they have a neutral colour, they'd also match any kitchen colours!

Right now Kylie doesn't have these embroidery designs up for sale in the shop, but she has another Alice in Wonderland set, and some awesome Skully Chef kitchen towels that you really need to check out! ;)


  1. Pili, you have such great taste! The Edger Allen Poe set is my favorite! For one, he is my favorite poet! The kitchen towel set that you got for your mother are fantastic, too! Now that I am moving into a new place I think it is time to redecorate!

  2. I think Kylie is really onto something with these towel sets- they are so cute! I really do love that Poe set!

  3. Thank you so much Pili! You are always so sweet, I'm so glad you love your towels! It's not too long now until you can display them in your own place :)

  4. I never knew towels could be so awesome! I'm totally loving the Poe bath towels. What a neat idea!

  5. so it was you who picked up the alice ones! you *know* i covet them. the poe ones are fantastic too.


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