Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Shots: Weeks 38 & 39 (Monday Edition)

Hiya there!!

I know, I know, going back to work has meant a total push back on my blogging, even the Sunday Shots... So much that we're now on a combined late entry for 2 weeks! But here they are!

Week 38

Week 39

Now, my next blog entry is gonna be my 100th entry!! And though I've asked around and got a bunch of suggestions, I really can't decide what to do for it... Hopefully inspiration will struck soon!

Any & all suggestions welcome!


  1. I like your pictures! They radiate calm!

  2. Wow, I have to say you're improving every week. ALL four shots look really artistic and professional. Way to go, Pili!

    Now I can't wait for your 100th post to see what you're coming out with. I'm sure it will be something fun. ;) Have a great week ahead, my friend!


  3. Wow Piwi great shots of both the camera and you.
    Keep it up the 2 of ya:)

  4. Once again, totally amazing!! I I can't wait for your 100th post!! :)

  5. i agree - your pictures are calming. very lovely!!


  6. Great shots!! What's on your knee?

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Audrey, I have a lil Wall-E on my knee! The bf got it for me, cause Wall-E is one of our favourite movies!

  8. The images are somewhat retro which I like :D (espeically the one with you and Wall-E!)
    Hope you had a great weekend. Wow, 100th post. Look forward to it!

  9. Is that a coffee machine in your second photo? I love the look of concentration on your face! You two are both very talented photographers.

    I don't have any cool ideas for your 100th post, because mine is coming up too and I'm clueless as to how I should approach it. No matter what you do, congrats on making it this far!

    Your comment on my last post was so encouraging. Thanks for being such an awesome blog friend!

  10. These are great as usual! Too cool, I've missed your Sunday shots. I know how easy it is to get caught up though, and not get as much time for your blog-looking forward to your 100th post!


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