Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happiness is...

Long time no blog, huh?

And no, this is NOT the unthinkable, Sunday Shots on a Saturday! ;)

I was just tagged by the lovely Rheea of By_Rheaa to list 6 things that me smile and make me happy, so I'll do my best to cut my list to just 6!

Here goes the rules for this:

Link back to the person who tagged you.
List six little things that make you happy.
Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

And here goes my 6 things, with pictures:

1.- This guy!

2.- Cinnamon, my puppy!

3.- My family & friends (including a few of my co-workers).

4.- Photography & finding the beauty of small things

5.- Reading

6.- Chocolate!

And now, the six bloggers I'm tagging are:

- Kyoko from Cotton & Cloud

- Jolene from Dingogirl's Den

- Li from Meekiyu's Dream

- Sharon from MorganStreetSoap

- Jussara from SpaTherapyWorks

- Kate from Where Eagles Dare

Now, off to let them know they've been tagged!


  1. mmmmm...chocolate :D

  2. I love that pic of you on the beach! };)

  3. Chocolate makes a lot of people happy! I can't wait to see your picks, Jolene!

    Thanks Angie! Both me and Gaurav had a great time taking pics that day, and that doggie decided to join us!

  4. Love the pic of you reading!
    I'm sure chocolate will be on my list also :)

  5. Hee hee!
    We have lots of the same loves!

  6. You have so much to be happy about, girl! You and your guy are so cute, and I just can't get enough of Cinnamon. I love the one of you getting inspired on the beach too. You're so pretty!

  7. Aww.. Cinnamon is so adorable!!! Chocolate and reading have to be in my list too! But I like them together; eating chocolate while reading = Heaven on earth.

    Have a fun weekend~

  8. Love your 6 things that make you happy! Your puppy is adorable, and i love the name.


  9. Hehe. That's so cute. I think I'm gonna puppy-nap Cinnamon, sneak a bite of your cake, and read over your shoulder :D

  10. Hello Pili!

    Thank you for tagging me. I shall do it this week :D
    Love all the photos. Really make me happy to see them.
    AAAwww, Cinnamon has such sweet expression. She sure does have wonderful colour.
    Gosh, it is in London in photo no. 3 isnt it?? How exciting. :D What are you currently reading?
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  11. Thanks a LOT girls!! =D

    Hope, I can share the cake, but not the puppy!

    Holly, thank you so much! You're a total sweetie!

    Rhi: Yes! I love my Rocky tees!

    Kyoko: it's actually in Edinburgh! ;) Can't wait to read your list!!

  12. Great pics!

    That chocolate looks SO good. Yummmm....

  13. Chocolate, reading and photography are what I enjoy too!

  14. mmm chocolate and puppies! So cute! My guy would be way to shy to have picture posted on my blog o_o

  15. your dog is the cutest!! Off to make my list


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