Monday, April 27, 2009

LiPeony and Mark the Bookmark!

Today I got two packages in the mail, and the timing of both was quite astonishing... I got a package from Smarmyclothes that not only contained the custom Maiden dress I had ordered, but also a book by Kathy Reichs, Déjà Dead. And I got another package from LiPeony that contained the three cute bookmarks I ordered from her shop last week!

Tell me if it isn't good timing that new bookmarks arrived with a new book to be read? ;-)

I found LiPeony's shop through the Etsy forums. I was there trying to promote a bit this very same blog, when I saw her cute avatar, featuring her Chibi Girl, and had to check her shop!

I saw all her lovely & cute prints featuring her more than cute character, Chibi Girl, and saw her Mark the Bookmark listing, and fell in love! I'm a complete bookworm, and have tons of bookmarks, but for some reason I'm always in need of bookmarks and can't find them!

After a quick reading over her profile and shop policies, and reading that due to spring break she was offering free shipping WORLDWIDE!, I went ahead and bought my set of 3 Mark the Bookmark!

Mark's a really sweet character, and he seemed earger to start working, so you can see him holding the spot for me, so I can keep on reading Temperance Brennan adventures as soon as I'm done with this entry!

If you love Mark, as I do, you need to check LiPeony's shop and meet Chibi Girl!


  1. Lovely bookmarks! I should start reading few books which are just sitting on the table... Thank you for letting us know about free shipping. On my way to check her shop :D

  2. Oooh, that's on my list of books to read! I need to stop and get it.

    Those bookmarks are great! I am definitely going to check them out...I'm forever using old business cards as bookmarks, which is handy when I need to remember someone's shop name...

  3. Wow taht is one coincidence. I'm so glad that you're happy with the bookmarks. =D!


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