Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meow KiKi Clothing!

Finally, some time off to chill & relax, and of course, to write a new blog entry!

I met Heather, the one woman that does it all at Meow Kiki quite a looong time ago, when I was still buying on eBay, and she was still selling there. How I came across her? I'm sure it was through somebody's About Me page that had her link in there, and as soon as I checked her clothing, I was in love!

Heather is not only an amazing seamstress & designer, but also a cutie and total sweetheart to boot! Through the pair of years I've known her we've become not just seller & buyer, but actually good friends! She's one of my compulsory stops whenever I manage to take a trip to the US, she has to take me for yummy sushi dinner!

Her love for Anime & Japanese culture shows in her clothing, that has a very unique & kawaii style of its own, and the top quality of everything she makes shows in each one of her pieces!

I own TONS of her clothing! You only have to look at her customer gallery on her website to see that there are a bunch of pics of lil ol' me wearing Meow Kiki originals!

I started following her auctions on eBay, and then when she made the move to Etsy, I couldn't be happier! I now watch out for her new listings either on Etsy itself, or the thread she will start on DIYscene to let us know she has new awesome stuffs available. Or, I can beg and plead for some custom made piece of clothing, as she takes custom orders now and then.

I was planning on taking a pic of ALL my Meow Kiki goodies spread out in my bed, but the thought of searching through both my closets and THEN having to put everything back in there scared me a bit, so I decided to just show a few of the pics I have wearing Meow Kiki clothing!

The last of my purchases from her (for now) is a gorgeous gorgeous slouchy style dress, with a fantastic shiny & holey fabric, that I still haven't managed to take a pic wearing it, so this pic showing it flat will have to do (or you can check some modeled pics here) and you can also see one of the necklaces that Heather also offers in her Etsy shop, and one of the things I love when I get one of Heather pieces: the care sheet! You always get a lil care sheet for your piece, with the name of the piece and the recommended care instructions. You can punch a hole in it, tie them all together and hang it in your closet, so when you're going to wash your Meow Kiki piece, you only have to look it up, and see which one is the appropiate care for it!

As of late, Heather has been focusing on offering a new look to her line, so she has been working for photographers & models to have a bigger variery of looks in her clothing line, but personally (and I know some of her old time customers do too) I miss having her modelling the clothing, cause it's the look & face I instantly recognize, but if it helps her line & sales grow, I'm all for it!

Oh, and Heather, if you end up moving to Japan, DON'T stop making clothes!!


  1. I love Heather's stuff! I'm always super excited to see new stuff she lists for sale. I'm hoping to have a whole wardrobe of her stuff after I move!

  2. Awww, thank you so much Pili! I almost cried, lol. You're the best, really. Thanks for always being such a great friend! ^_^

  3. Yup, I love Heather too!!! Her stuff rocks :)

  4. I admire people who can make clothes! They are wonderful, unique and very beautiful. I am totally checking her shop. Thank you for sharing! You are a great model too! ;)

  5. *huggles Mary, Heather & Nicole*

    And Kyoko, thanks a lot! But I ain't no model, it's just that the bf takes so many pics of me, I end up looking sort of nice in some of them! ;-)


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