Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Feature: Bewhiskered!!

Friday is here! And I'm pretty excited cause I have half the weekend off, and tomorrow I have a meet up with all my friends from uni, which is quite an unique event that only happens like once a year or so!

And to celebrate Friday with a new Friday Feature I wanna share a shop that you'll love if you have any kids in the family: Bewhiskered!

I met Kenzie, the amazing lady behind Bewhiskered's Ruggles through the AOTC forums (the place to meet amazing crafters & designers) and that's how I discovered her shop and all her amazing animal blankies for the kiddos, that she calls Ruggles. You can find all sorts of animals, made out of all sorts of fabrics (and not real fur), from dragons to froggies with anything you can imagine from the animal kingdom! She also makes customs, so if you want a bumblebee ruggle instead of any of the ruggles she has in her shop, you'll be sure to get yourself one.

I knew I needed to get one for G's nephew, RD, and since he loves Jungle Book and tigers and wild animals, I knew the Tiger Ruggle would be ideal for him! She even embroidered his name in the tummy of the tiger, making it even more personalized!

When I got the tiger ruggle I fell in love with the packaging! It even came with a birth certificate of authenticity! It's not likely the kid will notice or care much about either, but the parents will surely comment on it, my SIL did!

All RD cared about was the tiger he now had in his hands, he started saying "Shere Khan, Shere Khan!" and roaring around!

RD sure liked his lil tiger ruggle, and I'm sure any kiddo that you'd have in the family would too! Even as a grown up, I wouldn't be adverse to one, and I keep on eying the giant Ruggle listing she has in her shop for the day when I have my own place!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I so happy that RD likes his Shere Khan. :D

  2. omg, so cute! I am not a kiddo but I would be happy to adopt one -- off to check out the rest of her sweet goods! :)

  3. This is so adorable! It sounds like this ruggle will be loved in his new home. I am still a kid at heart, and I would love to have one!

  4. So cute! It sounds like you made a good call getting one for RD!

  5. What a great shop! I love her skunk :)


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