Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Feature: StellarCheri!!

Friday is here, and it brings a weekend at work for me, but it's also time to show off and share one of my latest loves from a shop that I adore and will continue to feature often here: StellarCheri!!

If you think the name is familiar, you are right, I've featured StellarCheri items in previous blog entries (here and here), and I have yet another two more in the planning! Cheri, the super talented lady behind this shop, is amazing, and a total joy to work with on custom orders!

A while back, and I mean quite a while back, Cheri started working on iPad sleeves, and she made three that were a wee bit tiny for the iPad, so she was offering them with a very nice discount. I was already thinking of getting myself an e-read (Kindle, Nook... the works) at some point, and fell in love with the damask sleeve, so I thought, why not? and got it. So, there I was, with an awesome sleeve for an e-reader or tablet slightly smaller than an iPad, and nothing to fill it with!

Fast forward to earlier this year... I started telling G that I wanted an e-reader and couldn't decide between a Kindle or a Nook, and he told me to first see if I could manage the whole reading-something-other-that-is-not-a-proper-book, and suggested I started using this app in my phone called Aldiko. Fastforward through the last Sookie book and many Discworld ones, and I was more than ready to upgrade to a big screen! I told G I really wanted an e-reader for my b-day, and during my trip to Zurich with his sisters, his sis from the US brought me his present, a very shiny & cool new tablet, the Motorola Xoom! Where I can use Aldiko to read as many books as I want, and do many many more things!

Upon returning from my trip to Zurich, Xoom in hand, I went straight to look for my tablet sleeve, and oh joy! it fits my Xoom perfectly!! So now, I'm such a happy camper! I have an early b-day gift (and what a gift it is!!) and I have a fantastic handmade sleeve, in a fabric I adore, with plenty of padding to protect my little Xoom of harm!

Closes with a flap and velcro, so it's easy to open and close, and not metal to damage the tablet.

With a pocket in the back (love the contrasting red!) where I keep the connecting cable to hook it to my lappy to transfer books, movies or photos!

Opens at the top, and the velcro seems a better option than zippers or anorak closings to avoid any kinda scratches to the case.

My Xoom! With its two cameras, and its hard case cover to protect the screen (and also to make it more like a book when reading!).

A match made in heaven indeed! An awesome tablet with an amazing cover! Sometimes things work out really well, and this was indeed one of those! Thank you baby for this very awesome gift, and thank you Cheri for the perfect sleeve for it!


  1. my goodness, it fits your eReader SO perfectly. :) Thanks so much Pili for featuring me yet again!

  2. of course you picked damask! =) cheri makes so much awesomeness!


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