Thursday, September 22, 2011

Traveling Thursday: Paris Part 2!!

Hello everyone! I'm back a bit later than usual this week, but my Google Chrome was having issues with blogger, I had to delete a blog I was following that had some "suspicious activity" to be able to use blogger again normally.

So, today I'm back with a new edition of Traveling Thursday, with a second edition of photos from Paris! This time from my second trip to Paris in Jan '06.

All bundled up posing at the Pont Alexandre III

The door for Rodin's museum was quite something!

The entry of the Museum d'Orsay

View from the second floor, the museum used to be a train station!

My beloved Notre Dame de Paris, back view and freezing, damn it was cold!


  1. I wish to go Paris this time, but I think I'll leave it to the next time. Love to see these photos.

  2. Wonderful pictures! Love Paris! I think I have the same picture with the same perspective from me and Notre Dame ;)

  3. you always have such beautiful photos!! i especially like the first one! =)


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