Friday, September 16, 2011

A special about why to buy handmade & local.

Today is gonna be a sweet & short post, cause I wanna share with you a link to another blog post from an awesome blog called Modern Rosies, a blog you all ladies with business or that love handmade NEED to follow, a blog post with an amazing video made by the awesome Sheika Lugtu aka Sheikasaurus Rex!

If you already shop handmade & local you'll feel extremely justified & happy to do so, if you don't you might just give another look at things, and give handmade a try!


  1. I love this video. Everyone should watch it!

  2. What a fascinating video! I think it's great that she laid out all the benefits of buying and trading handmade goods without leaving out any details. Thanks for sharing this! I'm following their blog now.

  3. very nice! I love supporting local businesses!

  4. I will check this out right now! :)


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