Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Heavy Metal Picks!!

Well, well, today's Wearing Handmade Wednesday is brought to you courtesy of my very awesome boyfriend, even more than usual, cause after going through all my photos I couldn't find any that would work, so I asked him to try and work something out, and he did!

My awesome damask Heavy Metal Picks' necklace!

I wore one of my awesome guitar pick necklaces from Heavy Metal Picks to Sonisphere, and I have another I plan to wear to Metallica's concert in India in October. They are simply awesome pieces for any occasion but for a gig, they're just beyond ideal! Just go check Kahlaw's shop on Etsy or her website, and you're sure to find the perfect rock'n'roll jewelry for any metalhead!!


  1. Checked out the shop - the guitar picks are amazing!!
    Love to see unique shops :)

  2. WOW, joining a Metallica concert in India is awesome. Have fun!

  3. The kind of music you love are totally what my brother listens to and I can never understand why. I like Bon Jovi's music, Metallica maybe some but Iron Maiden... hmm...

    Enjoy the concert! My brother will be so envious of you.

  4. how i missed this shop i do not know. thank you for sharing!!! =)


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