Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Song: Iron Maiden - Dance of Death

Having a weekend off is nice, but when your sleep pattern is as messed up as mine is this week, it can mean not being able to fall asleep till 4 am, and only managing to sleep till around noon, with a rather fitful sleep...

So, to pump myself up I've decided to listen to Iron Maiden and one of my favourite songs by them, Dance of Death. Among the many curious things about me, two are my fascination with Pagan religions, culture & imaginery for an atheist, and my love for all things Celtic for a Mediterranean!

Listening to this song just makes me think of druids dancing around bonfires in the primeval forests... And the legends of the dance of the death abound in all & cultures, just a little food for thought, metal is not only for headbanging, but also for thinking! ;)

As a little anecdote, when G & me went to see Maiden in Valencia we thought they'd continue wit the setlist they played in the US, and G asked me what song I'd have them play that wasn't in the setlist, and I answered this one. Low and behold, they had changed their setlist and played Dance of Death instead of Paschendale!


  1. Having over 2 months off is great, I can let my sleeping pattern be as messed up as it wants to be, hehh. It's great to stay up till the morning and sleep late <3

    Jonna xx

  2. Jonna, lucky you! I have to go back to work on Monday! ;)

  3. not my kind of music but hubby and the boys would like it :)

  4. I hate having insomnia, must get my beauty sleep!

    Iron Maiden is classic! ;) That's awesome that they played your song at the concert!

    Thank you for entering my blog giveaway, Pili!

  5. "metal is not only for headbanging, but also for thinking"
    yes, yes, YES!!!

    no wonder we are twins! ;)


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