Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday Shots: Weeks 25 & 26 (Monday Edition)

Hey there everyone!

Yeah, yeah, I know... I'm a day late again... and this time my excuse is life, the universe and everything... mainly jet lag!

I'm not adapting too bad to the 7 hour difference between Wisconsin and Spain, but still with spending time with the bf and family, and running around after the girls, we have barely spent time online or even editing pics...

But, here they are, both Gaurav's and mine from the previous week (we cheated a bit, and they are actually pics taken by the other one of each other, and then the shot for last week, that it's just one shot of the two of us together!

So here they go!:

And with that I leave you till next time, which I can't promise when will it be! Hopefully before next Sunday, or at the very least, next Sunday!


  1. Hi Pili!
    I love the photo trio. You guys look having so much fun. :D (BTW I love your pink hoodie - you look very cute in it).
    I am terrible with jetlag. It take a good one week for me to recover from it. Hope you have a wonderful time there! ;)


  2. Aw, how fun! How do you like America, is it very different from Spain or not so much???? Come to Florida next time! haha. I'll take you guys to the beach and what about Disneyworld... ooooh that would be awesome! :D

  3. I was trying to figure out what was the 3rd pic and it looked like star wars to me especially with the hoodies and 'red stick'. lol.

    Take your time on posting your next photos. Most importantly is to have fun! :)


  4. You're right Rheea! Both me and the bf are HUGE SW fans, so when he got the lightsabers, we knew we had to take a shot like this! =D

  5. Your shots are always so sweet, even when you don't mean for them to be. You look great in pink!

  6. guys make a great photographer couple! Can't wait to see more from your trip!

  7. I really love that last funny ;D


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