Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 27 (Monday Edition)

Hey there!

No, I haven't been snowed in without an internet connection, but I have been very entertained (a good mix of busy and lazy) and truth be told, I only managed to take my own self-shot Sunday at 11:50 pm.

This past week we went onto a pair of shootings around, G, his bro-in-law and me, since we three are huge photography fans, we went to Wollersheim Winery for some picture taking & wine buying (and tasting, they had this new Iced Wine that is lovely!).

And also, which made me very happy... I got my NEW Olympus 50mm f2 macro lens! And that was the lens that both me and G used to take our shots for the week, and here they go!:

Hopefully, I'll be able to write a pair of new blog entries more this week, even more since I already have the photos edited for one of them!


  1. Hi Pili!
    Hehe! amazing finger shot :D and you look so pretty in the second photo (very misterious look!!).
    How is the weather over there? It is getting pretty cold in London. Hope you have a great week :D

  2. Your eyes are so pretty, Pili. I hope you've taken more pics on them. I think you could probably come out with a theme every week...it will be really interesting and easier for you. Like this week, it could be 'outer beauty'? :)


  3. Oooh, a new camera! It looks like you're doing great things with it so far- I LOVE your shots this week! Your big brown eyes are so lovely. ♥


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