Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Funky Camera

Happy gloomy Tuesday!

Surprised that I'm writing a new blog entry today while being on holiday?

Today is a gloomy, cloudy Tuesday and though I got my Riona cardigan in the mail from Argentina today (which cheered me up considerably), it's one of those days that don't really make you feel like going out anywhere, and since almost everyone over here is napping, I'm gonna use my time to catch up on at least a blog entry.

Since I got my new camera, and with it the neck strap, I've been thinking that I'm really not a neck strap person, and even less a regular (read as boring) Olympus strap... I obviously have nothing against Olympus (I do love my E-620 and lenses) but I guess I don't like having their name written in HUGE letters around my neck... And besides, I don't find neck straps to give me the kind of flexibility for shooting that I want.

That's how the quest for a wrist strap began. As usual I started by looking on Etsy, and I found that though not very numerous, there were a few shops that made camera straps, but unfortunately most of them only made neck straps, or strap covers (which I have considered to hide the huge Olympus letters on my neck strap), and the wrist straps that were available were so for point & shoot cameras, not DSLRs.

So, I was again left with a neck strap option... until my photography all-knowing bf came upon My Funky Camera's website that offered wrist straps in very fun and quirky fabrics, exactly just what I was looking for! After looking around and loving a lot of the cute fabrics she uses on her straps, I decided that the one I loved the most was the Andalucia Blue Birds fabric (which as it happens, has a Spanish name!) and that's the one Gaurav got me as one of my b-day presents!

Once I arrived here in WI, I got to get the neck strap out and instead start using the wristlet from My Funky Camera, and I have to say that not only I think the size is perfect and the strap is very well made, but also, THIS is how I love to play around with my camera, making sure I won't drop it by accident (it'll always be hanging from my wrist, so I only have to avoid banging it against walls & the like) but not having a limiting strap either!

And also, my camera looks so cool with her new accessory!

I will now return to my Apple Cinnamon Green Tea and wait for the bf to get up... If there's a general nap time tomorrow, I might write another blog entry! Till then... Ciao!


  1. That's awesome..I love that fabric.

  2. LOVE that wrist strap! It looks so comfy and definitely funky. I'm also loving your camera bag! Was that also custom made?

    P.S. Your camera's more stylish than anyone I know! LOL

  3. That is ADORABLE! I am totally in love with that fabric. I'm really glad you finally found something that works for you. The apple cinnamon green tea sounds rather tempting. What brand is it?

  4. Did you take those pictures??? They're fantastic! I need a camera like that!


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