Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Wednesday is here!

And with this blog post I will be saying "See ya later!" at least till Sunday, since tomorrow I will be flying to Chicago (and then taking a bus to Madison).

Today I'm succeeding in posting the three blog entries I had planned before leaving, and today's entry is gonna be dedicated to Oktak and her shop filled with frame purses, pouches and eco-friendly shopping bags!

Oktak's shop has been in my favourites list for so long, I don't even remember when I added it there! I've been looking at her items for a long time, and I had been wanting to get something from Aki's shop since then!

I featured one of Oktak's eco-friendly shopping bags in my Shopping Handmade entry about my mum's b-day, and I loved it SO much, that I decided to get myself two!

Since over here in Spain a few of the bigger market chains have decided to stop using plastic bags, I found that Oktak's shopping bags are the perfect option! They're as big as the regular plastic bags, and as roomy as they are, and they do fit a lot of stuff! Here I grabbed some random stuff from the fridge, so I could show you how much you can fit, and there was still plenty of room for more!

You can also roll them and put them in your handbag, taking less space than any of your usual make up bags or cell phone bags!

After getting myself those two bags and trying them out shopping (and getting lots of interesting looks and a bunch of compliments), I decided to get myself one of her pouches for general purposes, I've been using it to keep some essentials in my purse, and right now it's my chargers holder in my hand luggage Dolly bag!

What I love the most about this pouch is the fact that it's lined and very sturdy, flexible but not losing its shape, and it's very roomy! And it also matches one of my shopping bags! ;)

If you love Oktak's bags as much as I do, go check her SALE section for some awesome steals with her usual quality!

And with this, I'm off to go look into the online check-in, check and re-check my suitcases and make sure I don't forget anything important! ;)


  1. It is really a love and high capacity bag. I like cloth bags. They can be washed and easy to maintain.


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