Monday, October 5, 2009

Isla New York Designs!

Monday OFF!!

It's been such a loooong week this past one... Since I started working on Tuesday, I've barely been doing anything other than work and sleep, since things at work have been pretty crazy!

But I'm now getting ready to finish my packing and get ready to fly next Thursday to the US, again! So, between the crazy work times and the packing I've been completely lacking on inspiration. That has pushed the Sunday Shots into a combined entry for both past week and this current week, that will hopefully be posted this Sunday!

So, after feeling terribly guilty about how often my fellow blogger Brooke at Brooke Van Gory updates her blog and after reading about Amber from RockerByeBaby setting up herself to update more regularly her own blog, so I decided that I should tackle at least a pair of blog entries!

I'm gonna start the week with my entry about Isla New York Clothing line and her amazing designer and creator, Regina!

For a change, I didn't find her shop, but it was my boyfriend who linked me to her Maria top, and told me that I needed to get it, not only cause we have the same name, but also cause he was sure it'll look great on me (are you thinking I'm such a lucky one cause I have a bf that looks around Etsy and finds clothing for me to buy? I sure am, and you don't know half of it!) ;)

I added the Maria top to my favourites on Etsy, and found that were other lovely tops in her shop, so not only I got myself the lovely Maria top in yellow (even if I've never been a yellow fan) but I also bought an Oly top in coral for my sis-in-law's b-day!

Regina kept me up to date via twitter and Etsy convo on the progress on both orders, and made sure that I would be getting the top in time for my sis-in-law's b-day! Communication is huge on her list, as is making sure every and each one of her creations is made with love and attention to detail.

My sis-in-law loved her Oly top, and has been wearing it a lot all the summer, too bad I have no pics to show you, but I do have some shots of my trip to Wisconsin this summer wearing my Maria top, that both Divya and Deeksha (Gaurav's sisters) loved to bits! (There might be a Isla New York top on their future, hmmm).

We went on a trip to Madison and spent most of the afternoon by the lake, and it was absolutely gorgeous and it was a great time to take some pics and show off my lovely new summer top!


  1. I love that last picture of you. It makes me happy.

  2. Mmmmm that yellow is delicious. Love the detailing on that top.



  3. Wow! I love the top :D
    It looks so lovely on you. Is it near your house? It is beautiful.
    I love the photo of the family and friends. What a great shot! :D

  4. I can't believe I didn't comment on this! Oops! You look absolutely lovely in these pictures, especially that last one :) I'm so happy you liked the top!


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