Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Vitamina Eu!

Hello everyone!

This week I've missed my Monday book reviews, even if I have 2 books I really want to recommend to you guys, but with coming back from the trip, going back to work and the freaking heat wave over here... I really haven't managed to write a decent review for them!

But today I'm bringing a Wearing Handmade Wednesday entry! It had been waay too long since the last one, so it was about time!

Super cute hand painted mug I got my taste twin Deb for her birthday from Vitamina Eu!

That super cute mug is from an Etsy shop called Vitamina Eu, based in Italy and run by Eu, a super talented & nice young lady that was immensely helpful on sending the mug directly to Deb, so she could get it in time for her birthday! 

And in case you are wondering why I chose that particular design, well you can see the kitty next to the cup wanting to try what's in there? Doesn't he look remarkably like the one painted? I thought so! ;)


  1. What a lovely picture! Cute mug!

  2. Yes, the kitty was so alike! Very cute!

  3. Eu did a beautiful job handpainting my new mug. we all love it! you couldn't have picked a more perfect gift for my birthday!! thank you again, twin!! <3 =)

  4. So cute! I bet Deb loved that!


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