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Mark This Book Monday: After Daylight by J.A. London!

And for the last Mark This Book Monday of the day, the final book in a trilogy that has a great mix of paranormal and dystopian!

After Daylight by J.A. London

After Daylight is the final book in the Darkness Before Dawn trilogy. This review will inevitably have spoilers for the previous books and might have some spoilers for After Daylight itself.

I really liked book 1 and 2 from this series, that is a mix of paranormal and postapocaliptic/dystopian since it deals with a world after the war than took place when Vampires came out of the shadows and tried to take over the world. I was a bit tired of the same kinda Vampire books and this story was a refreshing change.

Dawn has had a crushing revelation in book 2 and she's still reeling from it in the beginning of this one, not wanting to face what it means but even more determined to stop Sin from conquering the world with his army of Daylighters and the monsters afflicted with the Thirst.

Dawn and Michael stumble upon a small village, Crimson Sands, set up in the middle of nowhere out of the control of the Old Families; a village where vampires and humans work and life together and where they defend each other. Victor and Jeff join them there, returning all four of them to Denver, to try and recoup and think of a strategy to defeat Sin. But the idea of Crimson Sands has given Dawn a new kind of hope in the possibility of a world where vampires and human can live together without oppression and walls.

Dawn finds a way to accept who she is, focusing on what she feels and who she is and not what she is, and by accepting that, she finds a new strength and very unexpected allies.

The romance in the book takes a bit of a back sit, even thought for both Victor and Dawn their relationship and how they support each other is what makes them capable of change and of fighting together.

The climax and ending was not quite what I expected at all, and though that doesn't have to be a bad thing, it did leave me a bit perplexed. I guess that's why even though the two previous books got 4 stars from me, this one gets only three and a half.

Still, if you want something with vampires but not your typical vampire book and want a mix of dystopian with it, really give this trilogy a try!

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  1. Even though the ending wasn't quite what you were expecting, I'm glad you enjoyed this one overall. A friend of mine is a huge fan of this series and has been trying to get me to read them for weeks now. ;) I guess I better get started on it one day!

    Lovely review!


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